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Who were the enemies of Germany in World War 2?


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united kindom Australia Iran United States of America bularia

AnswerAlso Canada Most of Western Europe India Parts of West Africa as part of the British Empire then Answer

Poland, United Kingdom and British Empire, France, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands, Greece, Yugoslavia, Soviet Union, United States, Mexico and Brazil.


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Germany, Italy, and Japan.

the countries that were our enemies were japan and Germany

their enemies are the country of germany japan and france

The main enemies of the U.S. and Allied Powers during World War 2 were Germany, Japan, and Italy.

The main or major enemies of the British also known as "The Axis" in World War 2 were Japan, Italy and Germany.

Germany, Italy and Japan were Michigans enemies in WW2.

Germany, Japan and Italy...............................

Germany, Italy, Japan and Hungary/Austria.

Japan, Germany, Italy, and Austria.

The enemies were: Germany Italy Japan

* ** Germany ** Japan ** Italy * ** Hungary ** Romania ** Bulgaria ** Yugoslavia

Germany, Japan, Austria were the main ones, defo Germany and Austria

No, they were enemies-they were fighting with planes and things and there was the Blitz so how could they not be enemies?

The main three enemies of the US in WW2 were Germany, Japan and Italy .

The Axis powers japan,germany,italy

The three primary countries were Germany, Japan and Italy.

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