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Thomas Paine, Alexander pope, Voltaire & many more

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Q: Who were the major writers during the age of reason?
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What kind of people worked in Athens during the golden age?

Architects, Writers, Scientists, Builders, and Artists worked in Athens during the Golden Age.

Who was the famous french philosopher during the age of reason?

this change inthought is of-en called the Age of Reason, or the ENLIGHTENMENT.

Which two romane poets influenced the works of british writers during the augustan age?

Horace and Virgil

Which two Roman poets influenced the works of British writers during the Augustan Age?

Horace and Virgil

What were major events that occurred during the Enlightenment?

During the Enlightenment, there were major intellectual movements and spiritual movements. Old knowledge was renewed and combined with new thinking developed through science, philosophy and religion. This movement is also known as the Age of Reason which occurred during the 18th century.

Who was the impressionist painter during the age of reason?

The 'Age of Reason' is a term for 17th century philosophy. Impressionist painting was 19th century.

What human ability was glorified during Age the Enlightenment?


What were the beliefs of writers and philosophes during the enlightenment?

The answer to this question really depends on which philosopher you want to know about. But generally, philosophers of the Enlightenment Age emphasized the autonomy of reason for knowledge. That is, reason was considered to be absolute in terms of knowing things in contrast to divine revelation, Scripture, experience, tradition, etc.

What were the major achievements in human history during the old stone age?

In the Stone Age the major achievement was the development of tools.

During the Philosophy in the age of reason What convinced educated Europeans to accept the power of reason?


Thinkers during the Age of Enlightenment stressed?

The power of human reason

How did thinkers during the Age of Reason challenge the social order?

Calling for a just society based on reason