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The Warsaw Pact was a military alliance between the Soviet Union and its satellite countries in Eastern Europe. It was formed in 1955 as a response to the entry of West Germany into NATO. The pact was dissolved in 1991.

The original members were Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and the Soviet Union. (East Germany joined in 1956. Albania left in 1968.)

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How many more nations were members of NATO than of the Warsaw Pact?

There were four more member nations of NATO than of the Warsaw Pact. NATO consisted of 12 countries, while the Warsaw Pact consisted of only 8 countries.

What was true about the Warsaw Pact?

It consisted of Eastern bloc nations. It allowed for Soviet troops to be stationed in member nations. It required members to fight in the defense of other member nations.

Warsaw pact countries?

Member of the Warsaw Pact were Soviet Union, Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, and Romania. Th Warsaw Pact was a treaty between the Soviet Union and seven other European nations establishing a mutual defense organization that put the Soviets in command of the armed forces of the member states.

Did Yugoslavia sign the Warsaw Pact?

No, not a member

Warsaw pact nations invaded what country?


Where were the Warsaw Pact nations from?

East Germany mostly.

How was Warsaw Pact and NATO related?

The Warsaw Pact was an alliance of eight European Communist nations created as a counterbalance to the formation of NATO.

What was the alliance formed against NATO?

That would be the Warsaw Pact, also referred to as the Eastern Block of nations. It was formed a few years after NATO.Warsaw pactWarsaw Pact created by the Soviet Union

What country was a former Warsaw Pact member?


What satellite nations were members of this military alliance?

Warsaw pact

What was the defensive alliance of the iron curtian nations?

The Warsaw Pact

Nations belonging to partnership for peace are former members of what?

Warsaw pact.

What nations did not join the Warsaw Pact?

France,Spain,and of course Italy

Who were the military alliance of the soviet union and its satellite nations?

The Warsaw Pact.

What was the name of the alliance forged by the soviet union and its satellite nations?

Warsaw Pact

What country did the forces from Warsaw Pact nations invade in the summer of 1968?


What was the time of hostility between NATO and Warsaw Pact nations was?

cold war

What was the name of the alliance established by european communist nations in response to?

the warsaw pact

This group consisted of eastern European nations by the soviet union?

The Warsaw Pact .

The Warsaw Pact sought to?

The Soviet Union and various Eastern European nations

Was iceland a member of NATO or the Warsaw Pact during the cold war?

Ireland is not a member of NATO

What period of time when the Warsaw Pact nations and NATO nations were adversaries yet did not engage in direct combat?


What was NATO originally established to do?

To defend Western Europe from the seven-member Warsaw Pact in case of war. The Warsaw Pact was disbanded years ago, but NATO has survived anyway.

What was The name of the alliance of European communist nations in response to NATO?

Warsaw Pact cheaters(;

What group consisted of Eastern European nations that were dominated by the soviet union?

The Warsaw Pact.

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