Who will Christians tolerate more Homosexuals Atheist Mormons or Jehovah's Witnesses?

  • Mormons are one sect of Christians. They are tolerated quite a lot by some Christians and not at all by others.
  • Atheists are just people. Most of them are tolerated well by Christians, and vice versa. There's always the odd one or two that can't accept a difference ("militant atheists", "militant Christians"), but they are hardly representative of the group.
  • Homosexuals are defined as evil in the Bible (Old Testament), but many Christians have gotten over this, helped by Jesus' message of ignoring the silly rules and basing your faith on love, not on dogma (some also forget this part, but as above, the minority are not the true representatives).
  • Jehovah's Witnesses are also Christians, and the same applies to them as to Mormons.

Based on the above, it is entirely up to a specific Christian as to which will be tolerated more or less than the other groups.