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North - a Union army under Grant.

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Did the north win the Battle of Vicksburg?

yes they have won this battle

What were some stuff the north beat the south in?

The battle of Gettysburg and The Battle of Vicksburg are two very important victories for the North. They were won by Meade and Grant, respectively.

What were 3 battles won by the north?

The North won several battles during the Civil War. Three of the battles won were the Battle of Murfreesboro, Battle of Vicksburg, and the Battle of Gettysburg.

What did the north do after they won the Battle of Vicksburg?

Grant decided on a campaign along the Tennessee River to take Chattanooga as the gateway to Atlanta and the Deep South.

Who won the battle at Vicksburg?

Ulysses S. Grant won the siege of Vicksburg. If you mean which side, it was the Union, aka the United States, aka the North.

Who won the battle of fort Henry north or south?

The North won the Battle of Fort Henry.

Who won the battle at Fredericksburg?

The South had won that battle when the North invaded that town.

Who won the Battle of Gettysburg the North or the South?

The battle was a Union (North) victory.

What was the first battle Grant won?

His first battle was won in Missouri at the battle of Vicksburg.

Who won the Gettysburg battle the north or south?

The north did because the south retreated

Battle description of the battle at Vicksburg?

The Battle of Vicksburg was a major turning point in the war. It was over control of the Mississippi River, for the Confederate (the south) states had it and the Union (the north) wanted it because it would be a major trade route. After the south blockaded it, the Union went in (using TN's army) with intentions to fight. With about 10,000+ casualties, the Union won and literally divided the south in two.

Who won in Battle of Vicksburg north or south?

The North. It was a key battle that ended the war in the West, and released Grant to go to the aid of the Army of the Cumberland at Chattanooga. It was carried out under very difficult conditions and earned great credit for Grant.

Victory at Vicksburg?

The side that won was the North. The side that won was the North.

How many battles did Vicksburg won?

Vicksburg was the site of the siege, not a commander of the battle.

Why was the northern success in the siege of Vicksburg important?

When the north captured Vicksburg, it won control of the Mississippi, preventing the south from moving troops and materiel on it or across it.

Did the Union win the Battle of Vicksburg?

The Union won the Battle of Vicksburg, led by General Ulysses S. Grant

What battles did the union win?

The North won the Battle of Antieatm, Shiloh, Chattonoga, Gettysgurg, Vicksburg, March to the sea in Gorgia, and the Battle of the Appomattox Court House. These are the wars the North won. By Bikram S Marwah

Who won the2nd battle of bullrun?

The South won the Second Battle of Bull Run, as it had won the First Battle of Bull Run. Although the North won the war, the South actually won the majority of battles.

What was the battle of bullrun?

The first big battle in the Civil war against the North and South and the South won.

Who won the Battle at Vicksberg?

The Union Army of Tennessee led by General Grant won the Battle of Vicksburg.

How did the union win the battle of Vicksburg?

The union won the battle of Vicksburg by surrounding the city and leaving them with no supplies left and the confederates had to surrender.

Who won in war battle south Korea or north Korea?

North Korea failed to conquer South Korea. South Korea (ROK) still exists today, so ROK won. Had the North conquered the South, they would've won. Which occurred in the Vietnam War...the North conquered the South and won the war.

Who won the battle of Savannah north or south?

Sherman's Union Army won the Battle of Savannah, at the end of the "March to the Sea".

Who won the battles of ft Sumter?

First, there was only ONE battle of Fort Sumter. Second, the North surrendered to the South, Q.E.D., the South won the battle.

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