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The crank sensor had to be replaced on my 98 Catera when it was doing the same thing. I had to take it to the dealer to have this done.

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What does the fusible link operates off a car battery?

Typically, just about everything except the starter. But then the starter solenoid works off the keyswitch, so the starter won't engage if the fusable like is bad.

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1995 Lumina after transmission and engine are warmed up transmission will not engage in D After the engine and transmission cool down transmission will operate normally What could be the likey cause?

Does the torque converter lock? It should lock on both 3rd and 4th gear. How are the engine temperature and temp gauge? The 4T60-E requires decent temp information to run normally, othw it goes to "limp mode" and will not engage 4th nor lock. T

Ford starter motor turns but doesn't engage engine and the flywheel and starter are fine what next?

thanks how many holding blots and where bad bendix (starter drive) if the spring in the starter bendix is weak or broken it will not engage the flywheel; but the starter will turn normally. bad thing is ,you have to pull the starter..good luck..

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