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Q: Why am i leaking fluid at 9 weeks pregnant?
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You may be 9 weeks pregnant should you be vomiting?

i am about 9 weeks pregnant and i have not vommited yet.

How many weeks will you be pregnant for?

You'll be pregnant for 9 months, about 40 weeks.

How many weeks is a guinea pig pregnant for?

A guinea pig is pregnant for about 9 weeks.

How many weeks is a dog pregnant?

on average 9 weeks

How many weeks are humans pregnant for?

Generally humans are pregnant for 36 weeks, or 9 months

When did you conceive if you are 9 weeks pregnant?

9 weeks ago. (assuming that the calculation are correct.)

How long is adog pregnant for?

9 weeks

Humans are pregnant for approximately nine months How many weeks on average are dogs pregnant?

9 weeks

How many months is 39 weeks of pregnant?

At 39 weeks pregnant you are classed as full-term therefore you are 9 months pregnant

I am 6-7 weeks pregnant could you have got pregnant 9 week ago?

If you are 6 to 7 weeks pregnant, then it means you got pregnant 6 to 7 weeks ago!

How many weeks will a Chihuahua be pregnant?

Average 63 days (9 weeks).

How many weeks is a horse pregnant for?

A horse is pregnant for 9-10 months.

How many months pregnant am i at 33 weeks pregnant?

about 8-9 months

How long will a cat be pregnant?

7-9 weeks. ;)

Is Lauren Simon pregnant?

YES about 9 weeks!

If you are 6 weeks pregnant when is your due date?

30 weeks away. 9 months is 36 weeks.

Cerebrospinal fluid leak ICD-9 code?

If the cerebrospinal fluid is leaking from the nose/mouth it is called Cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea and that code is 349.81. If the fluid is leaking from the ears, it is called Cerebrospinal fluid otorrhea and that code is 388.61. Brenda M. St. Louis, MO

How does a cat stay pregnant?

Do you mean how long they stay pregnant? if so its 9 weeks.

How long is a giunea pig pregnant for?

a guinea pig is pregnant from 9 to 10 weeks

You are 9 weeks pregnant so what day did you get pregnant?

When they say that you are 9 weeks pregnant that is a guess. A scientific quess but none the less it is still an approximate guess. It cannot be pinned down to an exact day.

How long are toy poodles pregnant?

Roughly 9 weeks

Can your dog get pregnant at 9 months?

No.... only 6 weeks..

How many months is 38 weeks of pregnant?

9 months

How many months are you when your 36 weeks pregnant?

9 months.

If women are pregnant for 9 months why is it 40 weeks?

because youre pregnant for the full 9 months which equals to 40wks