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This is a common problem with disk brakes. Give it some mileage and 9 times out of ten it goes away. If not you could trying lubing the rear of the pads and the slide pins so make sure that they are releasing easier. This usually takes care of it. There is a grease that is used for just this thing available at any auto store. Good luck.

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Q: Why are my new brakes and rotors sqealing on my 92 Ford Tempo?
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How much does it cost to have brakes and rotors repaired on a 2004 Ford Focus?


What will cause a 96 Ford Explorer to shake when hitting brakes?

Warped brake rotors........

Why Brake warning light on Ford Tempo?

Take you car in to a mechanic and have the brakes checked.

How to replace brakes and rotors on a 2002 ford e350 van?

this model has both shoes and rotor disks on the rear brakes. 2002 ford van e350 xlt is my model and I was surprised today when I did my brakes.

How do you replace Brakes on a 2003 Ford Explorer?

How hard and how do you replace the rear disc brakes on a 2003 Ford explorer? I have replaced a lot of brakes from 60s and 70s to the newest replacements of 91 Ford explorers and 91 Ford f-250s front rotors.

What are the kind of brakes on a 2008 Ford Explorer?

On a 2008 Ford Explorer : ( disc brakes , front and rear ) Also , on the inside of the rear rotors is a small set of parking brake shoes

Will 1992 Ford Explorer brakes work on a 1995 Ford Explorer?

Sorry no , the 1992 and 1995 both have front disc brakes but have different part numbers for brake pads , rotors The 1992 has rear drum brakes , the 1995 rear disc brakes

How do you remove the rotors on a 94 Ford Escape after the tires and brakes are off?

The Ford Escape went into production in 2000. So there is no 94 Escape

How much would it cost to replace the brakes and rotors on a Ford Contour - Mercury Mystique?

I just paid $500.00 to replace all brake pads and the front rotors

Do a 2002 ford exploer rear brakes have pads shoes?

It depends if it has rotors it has pads, if it has drums it has shoes. Hope this helps.

What do yo need to replace when your 1996 Ford truck shakes when you apply the brakes only?

probably brake rotors and pads.

When was Ford Tempo created?

Ford Tempo was created in 1984.

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