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Why are the low beams so dim on a 95 Mark VIII?

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If your lenses are cloudy looking, basically the only thing to do is rubbing compound and elbow grease and you will be able to get them pretty clear but that is about the only thing unless you can get the 96 LSC lights but they are pretty rare and the bulbs are almost impossible to find plus the price will be through the ceiling.

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Why does my 1998 dodge ram 1500 low beam lights seem very dim but high beams seem ok?

Look at headlight lenses, if they are all clowdy, low beams will be dim and high beams will help Look at headlight lenses, if they are all clowdy, low beams will be dim and high beams will help Look at headlight lenses, if they are all clowdy, low beams will be dim and high beams will help

When do you dim high beams to low beams when approaching another vehicle from the rear?

500 meters

When you turn your low beams on they are really dim but your high beams work The High beam indicator is always on even when you try to switch on your low beams?

sounds like you have a short in the low and hgh beam switch take it to auto electrician

Why would the left low beam on a 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII dim?

The most likely reason a low beam would be dim is that someone touched the bulb when installing it OR there is a leak in the headlamp body that allows moisture to collect inside the housing the bulb has gotten wet.

What will cause your running lights on a 98 gmc sierra to work but your dim headlights not work?

If by "dim headlights" you mean low-beams... the bulbs are bad and must be replaced.

Does the dtrl on 2006 maxima control the low beam headlights as well?

as far as i know the drl are your high beams with a resistor to dim them

Why do the high beams all 4 lights on my 66 Impala work but when I turn off the high beams the low beams 2 lights don't work?

I think the low beam lamps have two filaments. So it's possible that those low beam filaments in the "low beam" lamps are burnt out. When the headlights are on dim, only the two outside bulbs burn. When the high beams are on then all four will burn.

What type of lights does a golf mark 4 have?

The low beams and high beams are both H7 bulbs. The fog lights are H3's.

What are high beams on the car?

High beams are the "bright" setting of your headlights. The reason they are sometimes referred to as "high beams" is because when they are on high beam or bright setting, the lights are directed straight out, instead of a bit more downwards as they are on "low beam" or "dim".

Do you use Low beams or high beams in rain?

lowIn the rain, it's best to use your:Low beams

Where are the dim lights located on a 2001 Subaru Forester L when we dim our lights the head lights go off and the fog lights stay on are those the dim lights as well any info would help?

The 2001 Subaru Forester has dual beam (both low and high beam are produced from the same bulb) so the low beams are in the exact same place as the high beams. Normally if your fogs are switched on and you're in low-beam mode, you should have fogs and low-beams. When you switch to high-beam, its just high-beams (fogs turn off normally). Both bulbs could be burnt out, but most likely its a fuse issue. See sources and related links below for more information on bulbs.

Why do you not have low beams But you have high beams on a 2002 vw passat?

Your low beams are burnt out. that happens alot

Why are the left side low beams dim and there are no high beams at all on your 1998 Celica?

the dim light has a bad ground. it is using the high beems of both lights as the ground. this leads to a voltage drop of about 7 volts on the dim light. then the high beem grounds through the driving lights of a lesser wattage and this leaves a voltage drop of only 3 volts at light so the light seems not to be on but it is , just very very dim. ck your ground going to the dim light!

What is a sign of a blown fuse or a short in the headlights?

one or more headlights don't work but others do.none of the headlights will work.high beams work but low beams don't and vice versa.lights flicker and sometimes go dim.

Why would someone jerryrig the low beams on a 1994 Le Baron to make the low beams work Wire from battery operates low beams Low beams do not work high beams do and so do parking lights?

Bad dimmer switch.

Why will my high beams work but my low beams do not on my 1994 Chevy half ton?

Your high beams work but your low beams do not because the switch is broken that switches between high and low beams. Electrical switches wear out.

Why would only your hi beams work on your 1994 F-350 and not your low beams?

low beams my have burned out

Are the dim lights the inner or outer on a74 corvette?

The low beam lights should be set up as the outermost headlamps. All 4 will be on the when the "high beams" are switched on

What is antonym for dim?

An antonym for dim is low light

When its snowing should you use high or low beams?

Low beams...high beams will light up the snowflakes and actually impair vision.

2000 Chevy Cavalier low beams do not work but day running lights and high beams work what could be wrong?

As a guess both low beams are burnt out The daytime running and high beams are the same light filament. Or the fuse or the relay for the low beams.

Should you use your low beams or high beams when driving in fog?

You should use low beams when driving in fog. It is more difficult to see driving with high beams in fog.

When you are driving in snow or fog should you use your high beams or low beams?

Low beams - high beams only light up the snow or fog which further impairs vision.

Do you use high or low beams in rain?

Low beams in rain, fog or snow. Hi beams reflect off the rain or snow and blind you.

Where is the air compressors located on a Lincoln mark viii?

Facing the engine, low left side of the engine .

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