Why did Diane Arbus commit suicide?

I can not remember the name of the photographer .... but some time ago I got some very, very disturbing pictures via email of Africa in all it's misery. Pictures of starving children picking up grains of rice off a dusty road after the UN food truck has gone by. One picture was of a child with his face buried in a starving cows privets waiting for it to urinate. The last picture was of three vultures following a child as he/ she dragged his/her body through the dirt looking for food. The photographer who captured these images shot himself in NY 6 months after his return from Africa. Diane probably fueled her fascination for the twisted so much that she couldn't stand it in her middle age. Van Gough shot himself in his mid 30's. I'm sure you'll find lots more artists who'd have done the same. These are my unsubstatiated thoughts based purely on gut feel. So take it as that.