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The government wanted to avoid war

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Q: Why did Great Gritain allow appeasement or isolation?
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The term used to describe the willingness of Britain and France to allow Hitler to repeatedly break provisions of the Treaty of Versailles is?

the answer is appeasement.

What would usually allow a civilization to develop its own separate language?

Geographic isolation from other cultural influences.

Why did Britain and France allow Hitler to continue unchecked before World War 2?

Because they had a policy of appeasement and didn't have the military strength to do anything.

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What was the Appeasement at Munich?

The Munich Agreement was the first the Allied country's mistaken approach of appeasement of Hitler. The countries agreed to allow Hitler to annex Czechoslovakia without having the Czechs involved in the agreement. The land the Nazis annexed contained a German speaking majority, so the Allies believed the annexation was justified.

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Why did the U.S. initially allow a policy of appeasement toward Germany?

U.S had nothing to do with WWII till the end of it . Only in the end U.S joined the world war . From 1939-1945 Britain and France fought the war . In 1941 USSR joined which is probably the main reason Hitler was defeated . Policy of appeasement was practiced i think from 1934 to 1939(till invasion of Poland)

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Great Britain agreed to allow its ports to be used to build Confederate privateers.

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What waas appeasement?

Appeasement was the policy Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and the French leader used to try to keep Hitler from invading their nations. They chose to "allow" Hitler to have the Sudetenland (amending the Treaty of Versailles). Well, that policy made them look like fools. Hitler was not appeased. He flat out told them he had already sent his troops into the Sudetenland and the Munich Pact was a joke to him. Appeasement is like dealing with a schoolyard bully who steals your lunch. You give him your lunch instead hoping he will leave you alone. The next day he not only steals your lunch he beats you up. You can't appease a bully. Just asked the millions of abused women and children.

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