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Yes he did and he didn't take into account Russian winters. His troops went into Russia unprepared to fight in winter or to fight the Russians. There was hand to hand combat in places like Stalingrad and the Russians took many Germans as POW's. His main purpose for attacking Russia was for the oil. His massive war machine was in need of more gas and oil supplies.

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Q: Why did Hitler attack the Soviet Union?
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What was the name of Hitler's attack on Russia?

Hitler's attack on the Soviet Union was called Operation Barbarossa

Where did Hitler launch an attack on in June 1941?

The Soviet Union.

Why did Hitler delay his attack on the soviet union?

Because he was delayed by the Greeks

What was the promise Hitler made to The Soviet Union?

he promised that he would not attack

When did Hitler attack the Soviet Union?

On June 22, 1941. Source below-

What is the agreement by Germany and the Soviet Union to not attack each other?

Non agression pact was made by germany and soviet union to not attack each other, however hitler broke the pact and invaded soviet union

What secret agreement did Hitler and Stalin have?

That Germany and the Soviet Union wouldn't attack each other

Hitler launched a massive invasion on what?

It sounds as if you are thinking of his attack on the Soviet Union in June 1941.

How did Hitler betray the Soviet Union?

Hitler betrayed the soviet union by attacking the soviet union when he had signed the nonaggression pact with them which was suppose to keep them from fighting.

Why was the Soviet Union unprepared for Hitler's attack in June 1941?

The Soviet Union had signed a non-aggression pact with Germany a mere 2 years before the attack. As far as they were concerned, they were at peace with Germany.

Was Adolf Hitler a part of the Soviet Union?

Adolf Hitler was not part of the Soviet Union. He was the leader of Nazi Germany, which was on the opposing side of the Soviet Union in WWII.

Why did Germany attack the Soviet Union in 1941?

Hitler declared that he wanted to attack the Soviet Union because it would give Germany the "space and resources needed for his master world." He also wanted to strike before England and the Union made an alliance.

Why did hitler invade the soviet union when he did?

Hitler's invitation of the Soviet Union was part of his plan for taking over and securing is power.

What was Hitler's plans of attack against Communism?

He would defeat all countries between Germany and the Soviet Union.

Who broke the Non-Aggression Pact of 1939 with Hitler?

Hitler was the one to break it. He did a surprise attack on Poland (soviet union). Breaking the pact that was signed.

What did the Soviet Union get from its treaty with germany?

In 1939, Germany and the Soviet Union signed the Non Aggression Pact. This was basically a document that said that neither country would attack the other during wartime. This was broken in 1941 when Hitler and his army invaded the Soviet Union in Operation Barbarossa; this was Hitler's fatal mistake.

What did the Soviet Union do with Hitler's body?

They gassed it

Why was the Soviet Union unprepared for hitlers attack?

Because the soviet union were allies with Germany and didn't expect Germany to attack them.

What was the treaty between Hitler and Soviet Union?

Hitler was not in the Soviet Union because he was with Germany and Germany didn't like the Soviet Union very much and so Hitler actually invaded the Soviet Union. Which made him an enemy of the Soviet Union! That is not the answer he wanted. In 1939 fearing a invasion of Poland will start a war with the USSR. Hitler signed the Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact. It states that the 2 countries will not attack each other. Because of this, Hitler can invade any non soviet country without fear of a war on his eastern side. Germany used this to invade Poland and any other country on the west of Europe. After western Europe was subdued. He attacked the USSR

Why did the Soviet Union joined the war?

Because Hitler went back on his alliance and invaded the Soviet Union.

Did Hitler and the Germans invade the Soviet Union then Poland?

No, they invaded Poland before they invaded the Soviet Union.

Who did the Soviet Union attack in 1939?

The Soviet Union attacked Finland, beginning the Winter War.

How did Hitler break his pack with the Soviet Union?

He invaded them

What country did Hitler break an agreement with?

The Soviet Union

Where was Hitler's last stand in the Soviet Union?