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Why did Hitler kill all those Jews?

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Hitler killed many Jews and people of other races in the Nazi search for the 'perfect' Aryan race.

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Hitler organized, empowered, and funded an organization with the mission to seek out and kill Jews, because they were Jews.

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Why did Hitler want to kill all those people?

He hated Russians and Jews most of all.

If Hitler was Jewish then why did he kill Jews?

Hitler wasn't Jewish. If Hitler was Jewish, it wouldn't make any sense for him to kill all the Jews.

Why do Jews hate Adolf Hitler who is loved by many?

adolf Hitler tried to kill all Jews

Why did Hitler kill Jews without shame?

Obviously, Hitler had no conscience at all.

What is reason why adolf hitler kill all jews?

He did not kill all of the Jews, he did not even want to kill all of the Jews. He wanted to kill all of the Jews within his lands because he saw them as parasitic and morally corrupt and as such a danger to his society.

Why did Hitler have all Jews together?

so it was easy to kill them all

What did the KKK set out to do?

to kill all the blacks like Hitler wanted to kill all the Jews.

Did Hitler kill children?

yes, he killed all jews

Why did Adolf hitler kill the european jews?

Concerning European Jews: Hitler did not just kill European Jews. During the Occupation of Tunisia, he also began killing Tunisian Jews. He would have tried to kill Moroccan Jews as well, but King Mohammed V resisted. However, he was only able to kill those Jews who lived in countries that Nazi Germany was able to conquer, which were mostly in Europe.Concerning Jew-Killing: As for why Hitler killed Jews at all, please see the Related Question below.

Did Hitler kill people for their meat?

no Hitler killed Jews because he wanted to get rid of all of them

Why did Hitler place Jews into concentration camps?

Hitler sent Jews out to concentration camps because he was trying to Kill all Jews, he thought that they were not worthy to live.

What other group of people did Hitler want to kill?

Hitler was determined to wipe out all enemies of the Third Reich an jews, homosexuals and and those considered the non-"Aryans" in the world.

Why did the german kill the Jews?

Hitler disliked the Jews. He was trying to kill all Jews because of their beliefs and because he felt that Jews were not as good as Germans. Hitler thought that Germans were superior and other nationalities should be treated poorly.

Why did Hitler what to kill all of the Jews?

Hitler wanted to kill all Jewish people because he wanted Germany to be 'perfect'. He also wanted the 'perfect' Aryan.

Did Hitler kill all Jews?

In approximate terms, about two-thirds of the European Jews or one-third of the Jews worldwide.

Why are the Franks in hiding in the Diary of Anne Frank?

they were in hiding because they were Jews and Hitler was going to kill all the Jews.

What did Hitler do to Jewish women?

Hitler hated all Jews because Germany was poor and most Jews are rich so he decided to kill all the Jews he saw.He killed the women painfully just as he did to the men.

When did Hitler kill all of the Jews?

Well,he didn't kill all of them, but the holocaust did last about all of World War 2, which was from 1939 to 1945.

Why did Jews oppose Adolf Hitler?

There is a good possibilty that Jewish animus towards Hitler derives from the latter's desire to annihilate the former. (I.e. Jew hate Hitler because Hitler wanted to kill all of the Jews.)

Why did Hitler try to kill all Jews?

Because he was insane and he saw the Jews as the cause of the bad economic situation in Germany.

Why did Hitler wanted to kill off all the Jews knowing some of his relatives are Jews?

He had to blame Germany's decline on someone, so he blamed the Jews.

Did Hitler want to kill all the Jews?

Yes, every single one. He had something called the Final Solution which was a plan to wipe out all the jews.

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