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Why did Italians move to America?


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religious freedom and jobs. they also had little education

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How many Italians live in America today?

i remember reading somewhere that after the move to America the Italians were not so happy with the Irish. They also "hate" Russia.

If Italians aren't scared to fly in a plane then yes they can move to Aruba as well like everybody else.

Italians go to new york when they come to America so they can start lives and find work in factories

Italians bought things like : culture,culinary,traditions,religion.

The trip for the Italians to get to America was not an easy one. They traveled by boat in poor and rough conditions and many arrived in America with nothing more than the clothing on their backs.

The Italians came to America by boat because Italy is over the ocean where the U.S is

well the godfather wanted to make pizza in america

Look at the one in top

Most Italians moved to Long Island in New York or to Chicago, Illinois.

In 1889 the Italians came to America to re-build Spokane Ellensburg and Seattle after huge fires also to work on the railroads with construction workers.

Italians like all other European immigrants came to America looking for a better opportunity in life. Specifically, they came for better economic opportunities.

Italians were discriminated against because they were stealing American jobs. Sometimes people would throw sticks or stones at the people as they arrived in America.

Italians were called first when Europeans started heavily migrating to America. It means 'without papers'.

Well I know they invented Pizza which is a big hit in America

From China to Venice (Italy) via the silk road then from Italy to America as Italians migrated to America.

He did not have the support of Italians in Canada nor America or even Canadians and Americans. All he had were the Fascist Italians and Nazi Germans.

Italians don't wear any special type of hat that's different from anywhere else in Europe or America.

Italians immigrated to the United States because at the time American was a booming country known for their industrialization , strength and "freedom".

Philip M. Rose has written: 'The Italians in America' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Italians, Americanization

they moved to great britain because they didn't have that much education

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