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US did not decide about it. US came to Iraq for stay, not for leave. actually US was forced to leave Iraq, not intended to leave Iraq. so US did not have any plan for what will happen after leave. Shia Muslims themselves are more political and have more power in Iraq. Well that is not what happened! The US Military took over Iraq and defeated the Military that was controlled by the Sunnis. After the USA defeated the Sunni Military they disbanded the Sunni Military. If the USA had left the Sunni Military in power they the Sunnis would have controlled Iraq, but the USA disbanded the Sunni Military and Sunni Government and allowed the majority Shii take over. WHY DID THEY DO IT! Saudi Arabia and the majority of Arab governments are Sunni controlled and you can bet they were not happy with the Bush Administration and the USA allowing the Shia taking over Iraq and bolstering Iran that also has a Shaei government! Why did the USA put a Shia government when they could have left Sunnis in power?

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Q: Why did US put shiites in power in Iraq instead of sunis?
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Who do the shiites think should rule Iraq?

The Shiites in Iraq do not have a unified perspective on who should rule Iraq, which is why there are several Shiite-majority parties in the Iraqi Parliament. However, most Shiites would prefer if Shiites were in power over Iraq and are intensely distrustful of Sunni Arabs given the long history of repression visited on the Shiites during Sunni Arab power.

Which is the majority in Iraq sunnis or shiites?

The majority is Shiites. Iraq is 97% Muslim: 60-67% Shiites and 33-40% Sunnis.

Are there more shiites or sunnis in iraq?

Shiites (almost 2:1)

Is Iraq a shiites?

yes. Iraq people are mostly Shia Muslims.

Where are the Sunni and Shiites located?

The shiites are located in Iran, Southern Iraq, and Southern Lebanon

What country has Kurds Sunnis and Shiites?

Both Iraq and Iran have Sunnis, Shiites, and Kurds.

Are the shiites the largest group in Iraq?

Yes. the majority of Iraq people are Shia Muslims.

How many Shiites are in Iraq?

Between 19,000,000 - 22,000,000

What are the ethnic groups of Iraq?

The three basic ethnic groups in Iraq are Kurds, Sunnis, and Shiites.

Who do shiites support in the Iraq controversy?

they support ayatollah Sistani the leader of Shia Muslims of Iraq.

Do Sunnis outnumber Shiites in Iraq?

No, Shiites outnumber Sunnis in Iraq. However, Sunnis over the world outnumber Shiites. World statistics is that Sunnis Muslim world percentage is 85% of total world Muslims. While Shiites are less than 15%. Refer to question below for more information.

What are the three major groups in Iraq?

Kurds, Sunni, and Shiites.

How many Shiites live in Iraq?

Iraq is 97% Muslim: 65% Shiite and 32-37% Sunni.

Where do most shiites live?

Iran and Iraq have the largest Shiite population.

In 1980 Iraq attacked Iran?

in retaliation for Khomeini's attempts to provoke Shiites in Iraq to overthrow the Iraqi government.

What are the Savaks and Shiites?

SAVAK was the Iranian Secret Police under the Shah of Iran. Shiites are the sect of Islam that is dominant in Iran, Iraq, and Azerbaijan.

What is the largest Muslim sect though a minority in Iraq?

Sunnis are the largest sect even though they are a minority to the Shiites in Iraq

What are the names of the two Islamic groups in Iraq?

There are actually three--the Shia (or Shiites), the Sunni and the Kurds.

By 1600 which region were predominantly Shi'ite?

Iran and Iraq have been always the main centers of Shiites.

Are most Iraqis Sunni or Shiite?

Iraq is majority Shiite, but has a significant Sunni minority.

How many Iraqis are Shiites?

Iraq has near 35,000,000 population with near 70% shia Muslims.

In which 4 countries do shiites make up a majority of the population?

Iran,Iraq ,Bahrain & Azerbaijan.

Was Saddam Hussein Shiite?

No. Sadaam Hussein was Sunni, which did not endear him to the Shiites in Iraq or to the Shiite leadership in Iran.

What were the primary ethnic factional groups fighting each other in Iraq after the invasion?

Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds

What is the dominant branch of Islam practiced in Iraq?

Shiites. refer to related question below for more information.