Why did US put shiites in power in Iraq instead of sunis?

US did not decide about it. US came to Iraq for stay, not for leave. actually US was forced to leave Iraq, not intended to leave Iraq. so US did not have any plan for what will happen after leave. Shia Muslims themselves are more political and have more power in Iraq. Well that is not what happened! The US Military took over Iraq and defeated the Military that was controlled by the Sunnis. After the USA defeated the Sunni Military they disbanded the Sunni Military. If the USA had left the Sunni Military in power they the Sunnis would have controlled Iraq, but the USA disbanded the Sunni Military and Sunni Government and allowed the majority Shii take over. WHY DID THEY DO IT! Saudi Arabia and the majority of Arab governments are Sunni controlled and you can bet they were not happy with the Bush Administration and the USA allowing the Shia taking over Iraq and bolstering Iran that also has a Shaei government! Why did the USA put a Shia government when they could have left Sunnis in power?