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Why did colonists settle in the new england colonies?


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Colonists settled in the New England colonies because they wanted to practice their religion freely.

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The New England colonies were settled in 1629-1680.

the colonists for the southern colonies came from new England

how did the physical features of new england affect colonist decisions about where to settle

The purpose was to settle in the colonies and sell England the products. Some came for freedom.

The dominion of new England was a union of English colonies in the new England region

the southern colonies needed slaves for their large plantations where in the new England colonies the colonists there protested that slavery was unfair.

New England colonists settled in villages to have community security. Living by oneself in a new land could be full of unknown dangers.

Because that's where colonists founded their colonies.

They came looking for religious and political freedom. Why did they settle in New England? Look at a map. New England is pretty much straight across from England. I suppose it was just easier to settle down there. It would have been very difficult for the colonists to travel further west as they were not equipped to do so when they first arrived.

The 13 original England colonies were on the east coast of North America. They were there to help Britain settle the "New World".

Mainly for religious freedom and liberation from English government.

Colonists from New England, like all the colonies, came from all over Europe and Africa. Although they primarily came from England, Germany, and France.

generally they were chosen by the colonists themselves

Yes they did because they wanted to get away from the king of England and the thirteen colonies and they broke up and changed to 3 different kinds of colonies, New England colonies, The Middle colonies and the Southern colonies.

The colonists came from England to settle in the new world. When they first arrived they were called pilgrims and later were called colonists.

Colonists left the poor, rocky soil of coastal New England for fertile Connecticut. Colonists came to find good farm land.

1) To Live According to their religious beliefs

New England colonists mostly made their living from farming, fishing and a little fur trade.

The importance of the thirteen colonies is to expand the England country and settle in the new land for religious freedom.

A typical day for colonists of New England colonies would be a hard day working with either ships, fishing, farming, and they would have to go to church for many hours.

The New England colonies had a lot of rocky soil, which made farming challenging for the new colonists. As far as climate, the colonies in New England experienced cold winters, and humid and hot summers.

The colonists wanted to get away from the king of England, so the colonists broke away and made the 13 colonies. New York just happened to be on of the colonies. The first sentence is not complete. New York had been a valuable Dutch colony, founded early in the 17th century. England recognized its value and forced the Dutch out. New York provided excellent farmlands, a great harbor and fur trading.

The shipbuilding industry contributedngreatly to the growth and prosperity of many coastal towns in the New England Colonies.

They settled in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Conneticut, and New Hampshire.

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