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Because the Germans were trying to defeat Russia as well as Europe and Russia was doing everything they could just to prevent their destruction. It's part of the old saying, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." All of the Allies were trying to defeat the same Enemy.

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Q: Why did the USSR join the Allied powers in World War 2?
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When did USSR join the allied powers?

As soon as Germany invaded Russia in June 1941.

Did Japan refuse to join the Central Powers?

Japan did not join the Central powers, it joined the allied powers.

What countries did not join the Allied Powers during World War 1?


Why did US join the allied troops?

Allied powers* because they were attacked by japan.

Why did US join central powers?

we didn't. the US joined the Allied powers.

What is the deffinition of allied powers?

the allied powers were the countries that were tossed in the middle of world war one and were asked by the main countries fighting to join the fight and they would hold bargans with the main countries.

Why did Romania join the allied powers?

Because allied powers fighted against Germany, Austria, Hungary - Romania traditional ennemies.

What country was the last to join the allied powers almost three years after the start of world war 1?


Was the US the last country to join the allied powers in world war 2?

No, Chile was the last nation to join. They joined on April 11th, 1945.

Why did the US join the Allies?

Allied powers* because they were attacked by Japan.

Did the US evenually join the central powers during world war 1?

No. The Central Powers were Germany, Austria and their allies. The US joined the Allied Powers, which included Britain and France.

When did the Soviet Union join the Allied Powers?

July 12, 1941 after operation barbarosa in June 1941 this operation was the German invasion of the USSR. Then right after, The United States faught against the French

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