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Why did your left turn signal and brake light stop working on a 2003 ford ranger?


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2008-07-10 03:45:13
2008-07-10 03:45:13

I noticed in the fuse panel diagram that fuse # 3 , a 7.5 amp fuse for the Left Stop / Turn Trailer Tow Connector is listed .


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most likely a bulb b/c if it was the fuse your other brake and signal light wouldn't work... most vehicles the brake and signal light are all in one bulb... try replacing the light bulb

Assuming the signal lights still work, no. But a bad brake light switch or a blown brake light fuse could.

More than likely you have a burnt out bulb at the front signal light, rear signal light, or brake light on the right side.

If the turn signal is working it's either the brake light switch or the turn signal switch.

if turn signals are working , and brake lights not working, i would replace the stop light switch on the brake pedal

The brake light switch, or turn signal assembly (dependent on how your system is wired, IE: that year of car).

Probably the flasher unit needs to be replaced. This is an electronic switch which usually mounts underneath the dashboard.

If you have the same bulb for brake and signal, brake light power needs to be interrupted by the signal lights, The brake circuit has to go through the signal light switch so the problem could be there.

In that case, start tracking back. The turn signal switch pulls the brake light out of circuit when the signal is operating. If the switch fails, the one or both stoplights can stop working.

First check the brake light fuse, then the brake light bulbs and lastly check the brake light switch. If all that checks good you may have a faulty signal switch (AKA the multifunction switch).

You might have a bad brake light switch. If you don't have brake lights the switch is bad. When your brake light switch isn't working it wont send a signal to the shift solenoid.

It is the brake light switch. The 3rd light has a different switch. GoodluckJoe you can check under neith the bed for fire where they come together. if ther is fire it is the circuit board where your lights go. if there is no fire then its gonna be in the turn signal switch

Usually this a faulty signal light switch. The Signal light switch disconects the brake light on the signaling side and makes it flash.

A signal light that is not working.

The turn signal wiring goes up the steering column. Turn signal bulbs are also used as brake lights and the brake light signal goes through the turn signal switch. If there is a loose connection or worn wire in the steering column, the tilt would cause problems.

In many cases, the brake light and the turn signal use the same bulb.

Turn Signal Light Doesn't Work, but the Brake Light DoesMost vehicles use a single lamp [bulb] for the tail light, brake light, and turn signal functions.That lamp usually has two filaments: one serves both the tail light and brake light functions while the second filament serves the turn signal function.You description of the issue sounds like the turn signal filament is burned out, while the other filament is not.Another, but less probable cause could be that the conductor [wire] supplying electrical power to the right turn signal filament has either been cut, or corrosion has built up within one of the wiring harness connectors somewhere in that circuit. Corrosion acts to cut off the flow of electricity.

check brake light fuse and brake light switch on pedal

it could be your brake light switch,or the fuse could be blown ,or the bulbs could be blown.or it could also be the turn signal switch.

If only the right rear brake/signal light is effected it is not the fuse. Inspect the right rear brake/signal bulb, socket and wiring.

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