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I had to fix this in my merc and town car,The first I had a mechanic do and it cost about $80.00.If you open the wiper motor cover there is a type of pendulum looking piece of metal that wears out and won't park the wipers any more.I found afterwards that it was cheaper at a local junk yard to buy the entire assembly and switch it out.This is what I did for the town car cost was $10.00. I think 92-98 would work so get as new as you can and it should work for a while.

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Q: Why do 92 grand marquis wiper motor not park?
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Why don't the windshield wipers in a 1985 Mercury Grand Marquis turn off?

Windshield wiper motors have an internal switch that allows a wiper motor to stay running long enough to keep the wipers moving until they reach the "park" position. Once the wiper gets to the park position, the wiper motor is shut off. The internal switch often fails and either the motor will shut off immediately, wherever it is or it will keep running. It sure seems that you need a new wiper motor.

Why would a 96 Grand Marquis not shift in park?

Into Park or out of Park?

Wiper Park Switch were is it located?

Usually it is part of the wiper motor.

Is the park switch on a 1976 Chevy pickup wiper motor in the pump or the motor?

It is in the motor.

What causes the wipers not to shut off with the switch on a 1996 Chevey Astro Van?

The wiper motor doesn't turn off until the wiper arm gets to the "park" location. If the wiper motor never detects park, the wipers will stay running.

What do I do if my Mercury Marquis wiper blades stuck up?

the park tab is bent. it is a thick piece of metal that must be bent back slightly toward the wiper motor with a hammer or plyers. I assume this issue started when there was snow/ice on the windshield?

Why is it that myfront wiper of discovery 1996 does not park when turn off?

Probably because the park switch in the motor is bust. This supplies the motor with electricity (after you switch off the wiper) until the wipers are parked (i.e. returned to off position).

Your 2001 grand prix gt wipers stop in the upright position when turned off what might be the cause remedy?

The "park" switch inside the wiper motor assembly has failed.

How do i adjust the park on the wiper motor on a 97 gmc pickup?

You need to start by disconnecting the wiper arm assembly from the splines on the wiper motor itself. Then you need to jog the motor, once, through its cycle until it stops at its "park" position. Turn off the key switch. Then reconnect the wiper arm assembly to the motor when the wiper blades are in the proper position on the windshield. Turn key back on, and test run the wiper motor to make sure the blades aren't going off the edges and that there is no binding. Adjust as needed. Reinstall all previously removed covers and cowling.

Why wiper stay up when it's turn off?

: There is a pawl located in the wiper motor that tells the motor when to shut off and leave the wipers in the parked position. : if your wiper blades park in the vertical position, this pawl has broken off. : the motor more than likely needs replacing.

Why doesn't your 1989 Corsica wiper switch shut-off?

Possibly bad wiper motor, bad park switch, or bad wiper switch. Electrical short also possible.

Buick regal winshield wiper stuck in the up position when turned off?

The wiper motor bracket has a tab that can bend causing the wipers to park vertical. Either attempt to bend the tab back, or replace the wiper motor bracket itself.

In your 1992 Caravan rear windshield wiper is running all the time unless you pull out the fuse How can you fix it?

It's possible that the wiper switch is bad, but most likely it's the wiper motor itself. Wiper motors have an internal switch that only turns off when both the manual switch is turned off AND the wiper blade is in the park position. If the wiper motor cannot sense that it has hit the park position, it will run continuously.

1999 Montana wipers wont park right I replaced the wiper motor. The wipers didnt park all the way down so i reset the wipers to park now they wont wipe the whole window they stay upright on int.?

Answer: Copied from another site: You have a mechanical park switch which is part of the wiper crank acts as a clutch plate ,more than likely the mechinisim will have to be replaced .or Either the crank arm is bad, out of adjustment, or the crank arm tab is bent. Install the crank arm on the wiper motor. Turn the ignition switch to the ACCY position. Set the wiper switch to PULSE position. The wiper motor should be operating. Turn the ignition switch to OFF when the wiper motor is in the innerwipe position. Important Do not rotate the wiper motor shaft during the installation of the crank arm. Install the crank arm on the wiper motor while maintaining a 4-8 mm (0.157- 0.315 in) gap between the V-grove in the wiper motor crank arm and the tab. Install the screw. Tighten Tighten the screw to 14-17 N

Why does your 1994 mustang gt wipers do not shut off?

Either the park switch (usually within the windshield wiper motor) is bad, not letting the wiper park, or the intermittent wiper control is bad, not letting it shut off. Another possibility is a bad ground.

Where is windshield wiper control module for 2000 Saturn LS1?

That depends on what you're calling the "control module". There is a switch that controls where the wiper blades "park". It's inside the wiper motor assembly. In fact, most of the controls, except the switch on the steering column, are inside the wiper motor.

How do you reset the windshield wipers for a 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue?

There is no "reset" in the wiper motor. If your wipers do not park, it is likely your wiper motor parking contact or cam is broken. Try running the wipers with the key in the "ON" position, then turn the wipers off using their switch while they are up on the windshield. They should park themselves at the bottom. The good news is a wiper motor is pretty cheap at a junkyard, and not too hard to replace.

Where can you find wiper relay for an 89 Celebrity?

Looking in my 1989 Chevy Celebrity manual I find a park relay inside the wiper motor but no reference to an external wiper relay. There is a fuse on the fuse block.

98 trans sport wiper s will not return home when shut off?

Most wiper motors have a " park " position. When current stops going to the motor ( when you turn off the switch ) they are designed to go back to this "park" position. IF YOU HAVE CHECKED TO MAKE SURE THAT YOUR WIPER ARMS ARE NOT STRIPPED OR LOOSE WHERE THEY CONNECT AT THE COWL ( YOU SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO MOVE THEM ACROSS THE WINDSHEILD WITH YOU HAND USING SLIGHT PRESSURE), then your motor is most likely defective. It is probably the Wiper control module, which controls the function of the wiper motor. It may also be the wiper motor, but if wiper function is otherwise normal it's probably the module. When I called a couple of dealers asking about this problem on my van, they said that it is likely the module.

Rear wiper on 1998 Chrysler van runs all the time?

Switch or the park switch in the motor.

If your winshield wipers only go up a little bit is it the motor?

Hard to say because no make, model or year was given. Some possibilities are, wiper transmission, wiper motor, park switch or possible switch

How do I adjust wiper motor to linkage on a '01 Chevy Silverado I replaced the motor turned the wiper switch on then off then installed the blades but when I switch on the wipers turn counterclockwise?

A wiper motor cannot just be installed, you must also adjust the linkage. With the wiper motor in place and the linkage disconnected, turn the wiper motor ON briefly while you watch the motion of the motor shaft, then turn it off and let it seek it's natural "park" location. Now operate the wipers manually by moving the linkage, and before you connect the linkage to the motor, make sure the linkage is in the right position and will operate properly.

Why do wipers not go down?

I would start with testing the "park" switch inside the cover of the windshield wiper motor.

2001 Saturn SL1 windshield wipers will not stop?

The wiper motor assembly includes a "Park" sensor.The sensor shuts off the wiper motor when two conditions are met:The wiper switch is in the off positionThe wiper blades are in the park locationIf the park sensor is either damaged or dirty, the wipers will keep running.If you are at all mechanically inclined, try opening the wiper motor assembly and see if you can clean the slide contacts that make up the sensor.If that isn't helpful, replace the assembly.

How do you fix Wipers park in upright position Oldsmobile Silhouette?

Check the ground strap between the wiper motor and the body.