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Why do Headlights flicker and dash lights and battery light flicker and loose power steering whilst driving a vauxhall astra?

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2010-07-01 04:03:35

you have a loose connection somewhere on your vehicle check

battery cables and alternator connections

i have the same problem i found out what it is by the brake and

gas pedals.. where the code reader goes under neith that is a black

box i thinks is a power coverter i dont know yet but i unpluged it

and the dome light when out but no more flicker i will up date when

i found out more about this box

I would think that you have a problem with the serpentine belt

(also called drive belt) if it is loose it will cause the

alternator not to rotate making your lights flicker and since the

power steering is connected to the same belt it will also cause a

low fluid pressure making your steering wheel hard to steer.

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