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Why do the parking lights on your 1998 Subaru Legacy blink when the cars is turned off?


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2005-08-02 18:12:08
2005-08-02 18:12:08

Your system may just need to be reset. That recently happened to me and the Subaru service dept was able to fix it quickly and easily. I think it happens when your vehicle suffers a power failure. My battery had died, and upon replacement, the lights flashed. Also my power locks ceased to function. That also needed a quick reset and everything was soon back to normal. Good luck. Desk


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its on timed delay, lights stay on or come on while exiting vehical to make it easier

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The most likely answer is that the parking light switch on top of the steering column is turned on. --Ken The parking light switch is turned off,the engine is turned off,they are still flashing

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The parking lights are turned on when the headlights are on and you pull out on the light switch. The parking lights cannot be turned on by themselves.

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Some Subarus have a switch on the top of the steering column that turns on the parking lights. Hopefully this is the problem and would be an easy fix. Daniel

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Can't say for sure on the 2007, but my 2000 has a rocker switch at the top of the steering column to turn the parking lights on when the key is off.

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