Why do your lights stay on after you turn off your 2002 Chevy impala?

Delayed Headlamps

The delayed headlamps feature provides a period of
exterior lighting as you leave the area around your
vehicle. The feature is activated when the headlamps
are on due to the automatic headlamps control
feature described previously in this section, and when
the ignition is turned off. Your headlamps will then
remain on until the exterior lamps control is moved to
the parking lamps position or until either a 30 second or
60 second lighting period has ended.
If you turn off the ignition with the headlamps switch in
the parking lamps or headlamps position, the delayed
headlamps cycle will not occur.
To disable the delayed headlamps feature or change
the time of delay, see Vehicle Customization Settings
on page 3-91.

Programmable Modes
To reset or customize the features, first enter the
vehicle customization main menu. To enter the main
menu, do the following:
1. Turn the ignition to ACC or ON. The radio must
be off.
2. Press and hold the TUNE or DISP knob on the
radio for at least five seconds until SETTINGS is
3. Press the SEEK or PSCAN up or down arrows to
scroll through each available feature on your
main menu.
4. Press the PREV or NEXT buttons to scroll through
the lower menu. An asterisk (*) will appear next to
the item that is the current setting.
The following information shows how to reset or
customize features after entering the main menu.

LT DELAY (Delayed Headlamp
This feature allows the headlamps and parking lamps to
stay on for a set amount of time after you exit the
vehicle, or to turn off immediately.
Programmable Modes
Mode 1: OFF
Mode 2: 30 SEC
Mode 3: 60 SEC
Your vehicle was originally programmed to Mode 2. The
mode may have been changed since then. To
determine the current mode, or to change the mode, do
the following:
1. Scroll, using the SEEK/PSCAN up or down arrows,
until LT DELAY appears on the display.
2. Press the PREV or NEXT button to enter the
submenu. The current selection will have an
asterisk (*) next to it. If you do not wish to change
the current mode, you can either exit the
programming mode by following the directions later
in this section or program the next feature
available on your vehicle.
3. Scroll, using the PREV or NEXT buttons, through
the modes to change the current mode.
4. With your preference displayed, press the
TUNE/DISP button to select. A chime will be heard
to verify the new setting. The new selection will
be displayed with an asterisk (*) for one second.
The mode you selected is now set. You can either exit
the programming mode by following the instructions
later in this section or program the next feature available
on your vehicle.