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That usually means they are becoming flat. Also it could be something on your tire. Take it in and have it looked at.

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Q: Why do your tires squeak while driving?
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What causes the car to squeak when driving and the road is rough - does not squeak when raining only dry conditions?

The car may need new brakes or tires because they might be wearing down.

What causes a squeak in car tires and a squeaky rattle when going over small bumps?

Squeak in tires (when turning in particular) could mean low tire pressure, or bald tires.

Squeak coming from your wheels while driving you have a 2001 ford explorer?

Answer: If its a high-pitched squeak, it sounds like the wear sensor on the inner brake lining.

What causes a squeak from tires when going round a corner?

I think it is because when you brake and turn at the same time it makes friction and that's what makes the tires squeak.

What would you do if one of your tires suddenly lost pressure while you were driving?

If one of my tires suddenly lost pressure while I was driving, I would pull over as soon as possible and replace that tire with my spare tire.

What will cause a 1997 Jeep Cherokee to vibrate while driving on the road?

Bad tires or out of balance tires or driveshafts. Have it checked out.

Why do tires squeak when turning?

Low tire preasure. We used to do this as kids and went around corners squeeling tires.

Why would your car vibrates hard while you are driving?

get front tires balanced

What caused the tires to sound like burning rubber while driving?

whenever tires loose traction enough they will make a squeal

Why are wild country tires so noisy while driving?

Wild Country tires are intended for use off-road. These tires are going to be nosier than their on-road counterparts.

What makes a car squeak while driving?

You probably need a Lube job. This should be done on alternate oil changes as a routine measure.

Why does your car squeak when you turn your steering wheel while your driving?

Check your power steering fluid or your fan belt could be making noise.

Why the front tires of the jeep shake out control while driving?

Tires out of balance, bent wheel, worn suspension or steering parts, bent driveshaft.

Why Lexus RX 300 Squeak while driving and turning left?

Follow the steering column down to the floor, there you'll see a u-joint fitting with rubber bushings. Spray there with WD-40 and the squeak will go away.

Why would tires make a humming sound while driving?

Loud tires are the result of larger tires. If you are running snow or mud tires on the highway, the lugs are bigger and spaced farther apart making a loud hum.

Can worn tires cause your car to shudder while driving?

If the trye has gone out of round (an MOT failiure ) Yes the car will shudder when driving.

Why does my 1998 pathfinder shake while driving and not the tires?

check the upper and lower trail end bushings

What cause a 2003 dodge durango to shake while driving?

tires bad aligment balance. 65

What could cause a noise from tires while driving?

You could have blown your tire or it could have gone flat.

How do you know you have a bad ujoint on a 2000 ford ranger?

Check for looseness or play in the joint Do you hear a "Ping" when shifting from Park- Drive or Reverse? Do you hear a "Squeak, Squeak, Squeak" when driving down the road?

While driving What causes car to pull to the right?

most likely the car's tires are out of alignment, or you have a slack tire.

Why put high speed tires on Honda Prelude?

It is safer and improve handling while driving in higher speed.

Why is it important to pump your tires with the right amount of air?

So it won't run out of air or explode while driving

What brand of automotive tires are the best quality and price for driving in the snow?

Bridgestone Blizzak Tires are amazing tires for any sort of severe weather driving.

Why is your 2002 Chevy trailblazer it makes like a squeak when you turn to the right?

Beacuse the bolt on the tires are loose/..