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Why does GOP want to weaken the Federal Government?

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One of the principles that many Republicans believe in is that government should have limited power. In places where the government has more power, there are often dictators, and very little freedom for the people.

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Why did the GOP in Congress embrace the idea of devolution?

The GOP in Congress embraced the idea of devolution because the GOP favors small federal government, and devolution supports small federal government over large federal government.

What does GOP stand for in terms of the Republican Party?

"GOP" stands for "Grand Old Party," the nickname of the Republican party. According to the GOP website, "GOP" originally stood for "Gallant Old Party." The first Republican president was Abraham Lincoln. After the Civil War, the upstart Republicans were perceived as the party that won the war. The Republicans who were firmly fixed into the Federal Government were ironically dubbed the "Gallant Old Party," which soon became known as the "Grand Old Party," which was then shortened to the "GOP."

What is a Democrats belief?

They believe that they should have more government unlike the GOP they want to help the less fortunate so yea thanks!!

What are GOP policies?

If the GOP stand for Grand old party and refers to the Republican party, then I would say GOP Politics are keeping the Rich, rich and keeping the poor, poor. ============= GOP, in general, likes to have smaller government, but it does favor larger defense department. However, when asked which government spending specifically to cut, it's often difficult to get a clear answer from GOP candidates. Medicare and Social Security are the 2 of the many large government spending ( and getting more expensive) that were started by Democrats, but no GOP in their right mind would suggest cutting those. GOP also favors lower tax for all, but especially corporations. The goal is to have successful corporations passing wealth down the chain to their workers. Of course, this more often lead to very wealthy upper leaderships in the corporations. The GOP tends to be conservative on social issues like gay marriage or abortions, but very liberal on guns ownerships.

What is the history of the GOP?

i need a define of GOP in us history i need a define of GOP in us history

What is the GOP stand on nuclear power?

Ask the GOP

What does GOP represent?

GOP is an acronym for Grand Old Party.

What does the GOP really means?

GOP stands for Grand Ol' Party.

What was the Congressional Makeup Since 2000?

2000 GOP 2002 GOp 2004

GOP stand for what in the political party?

GOP, Grand Old Party, is used by the Republican Party.

What president did not attend GOP convention?

None of the Democratic Party presidents attended the GOP convention.

What is the opposite of the GOP party?

The opposite of the GOP party (Republicans) is the Democratic party.

If republicans are called GOP what are democrats called?

The Republicans are the GOP. Democrats are the PHD.

What party is Gop a nickname for?

GOP (Grand Old Party) Republican. Wrong. says that is wrong.

What is GOP in reference to Republicans?

GOP as an acronym for "Grand Old Party", another name for the Republican Party.

What is a gop president?

A GOP President is a President from the Republican Party, also referred to as the Grand Old Party.

What does GOP mean?

GOP means the "Grand Old Party" or as almost everyone calls it the "Republican Party"

What does GOP stand for and what party does it represent?

GOP stands for "Grand Old Party." It represents the Republican Party.

Will Donald trump be impeached?

Although there are folks wanting to impeach President Trump because he won the election, it is not likely as long as the House is under GOP control. If the GOP determines that Donald Trump has performed an impeachable offense, they will turn on him like a snake. Unlike Democrats, the GOP appears not to blindly support the leader of their party. ============== Donald trump will be impeached if we want him to be.

What is the animal symbol for the GOP?


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Why are horses called ggs?

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How to use gop in a sentence?

"The GOPcandidate does not have much approval in the bill he wishes to pass"Note: This sentence is NOT based on opinion, its just an example.

What are the release dates for Hannity - 2009 Immigration and the GOP?

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