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depending on what collor is the smoke. it could be a head gasket blown burning antifreeze or bad rings burning oil

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Q: Why does a car smoke?
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Why does car smoke?


What causes a car to make white smoke from under the hood?

white smoke can be either your car overheating, or smoke from an electrical issue

Can you smoke in the car?

yes you can..if you don't mind the stench of the smoke stucked in your fabric in the car afterwards

Why is smoke coming from the vents of your car?

Smoke could be coming from the vents of your car for a number of reasons. You may have an internal car fire.

How do you remove smoke odor from car?

You don't smoke in the car or if you do go to the nearest dealer ship and ask them.

Why does florence and the machine smoke?

Check your car smoke system.

If your car is burning oil will your car smoke?

Yes. Blue.

How will a car run if the vales are bad?

the car will smoke and die

What will do if your car produces black smoke?

take it to the car shop

Can someones lungs be damaged from smoke if they are in a house or car that has been smoked in sometime before but not at the time they are there?

To be damaged by smoke you need to actually inhale the smoke, so it there is smoke still lingering in the air of the house or car then YES. If however the smoke has cleared entirely then NO.

How is pollution made?

from smoke from car, train exhaust, smoke from refuse burning

Why does your car only blow heat when moving?

the smoke comes out the rear of the car in a pipe. the smoke comes out only when the engine is on. you do not have to be moving to have smoke come out. just the fact that the engine is on creates smoke due to the byproduct of the fuel and energy.

What does car smoke contain?

Car smoke or exhaust contains many toxic chemicals that are harmful to health and the ozone layer. The major chemical in car exhaust is carbon monoxide.

Can you smoke in dollor car rental?


How does your car get smoke belching?

When a car begins belching smoke, it is probably burning excess oil or gas. It is likely that a seal is leaking in the engine.

Smoke from car?

The color of the smoke will help identify the problem. Blue smoke is engine or transmission oil. Black smoke, excess fuel. White smoke, engine coolant.

What are examples of land pollution?

Examples are: Littter, gas from a car, factory smoke, smoke....

What causes black smoke in a car?

Black smoke from an engine is caused by unburnt fuel.

What is wrong with your car if the engine cuts off and the car starts to smoke?

It means the car is overheating.

Is it safe to drive a car when the car is smoking white smoke after the car is turned off?


Can you smoke in your car at work in England on company car park?

If your car is a company car you are allowed to smoke in it so long as no other colleagues share the car. If you do share the comapny car with one person the car is deemed the workplace-and as we know smoking at work is now against the law

How can you see the beams of light from a car's headlights in fog or smoke?

the smoke reflects the light to your eyes then you see the smoke as a handicap for vision

How do you pass emissions 98 accord?

to pass emissions your car must not output large amounts of toxic smoke. you can get a bottle of "stop smoke" at an auto part store to lower your car's toxic smoke level

What can you do if you have a car lease and car has numerous repair problems and car will not smog now?

pee on the engine it will smoke

Does a bad charcoal canister make your car smoke?

it can, mine is bad and i will get smoke from time to time.

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