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Engine hot and fan cooling it down?
Fan temperature sensor bad and it just thinks engine is hot and needs to be cooled down

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โˆ™ 2007-07-04 01:07:57
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Q: Why does a fan of a 1990 neon stay on after engine is turned off?
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Why would the wipers stay on when turned off on a 1990 Mazda 929?

wiper motor could be going bad

Why would parking lights stay on even after they've been turned off on a 1990 Nissan 300zx Front marker lights stay on as well.?

faulty hdlmp switch

How long do neon fish stay pregnant?

if by "neon fish" you mean neon tetra, they dont get pregnant they lay eggs.

What would cause headlights on a Honda Odyssey to stay on even after the engine is turned off?

Headlights might stay on in a Honda Odyssey after the engine is turned off because of a courtesy timer. The headlights will stay on for a few seconds after exiting the vehicle so the driver can go into a building at night safely. If the headlights are staying on all the time, check the timer for this feature.

Should the electric fans on the radiator cycle on and off on a 1995 Plymouth Neon when the windshield defroster is turned on?

The fans will probably stay on while the defroster is on because the A/C compressor is running.

2003 Dodge Neon that will start up but will not stay running and dies right after it starts?

2003 dodge neon that will start but will not stay running and dies after it starts?

Why wont my day time running lights stay on once my car engine has been turned off?

it would kill the batt.

The driving lights on your 1992 Le Mans stay on when the engine is turned off?

Check the relay on the back side of the fuse box.

Why does my 1995 Dodge Neon's brake light or tail light stay on when engine is turned off?

Take your foot and put it under the brake pedal and pull up the pedal a little. The pedal for some reason is getting stuck and keeping the lights on. I've seen a few neons have this same problem.

Why would the check engine light stay on after replacing the spark plugs in a 2002 dodge neon with 41000 miles?

Have vehicle scanned to determine problemv and/or clear codes

Why does my radio in my Peugeot 206 stay on when i have turned the engine off.?

Because on the 206 the radio is always able to get battery power supply voltage.

What does it mean if the engine light stay turned on-on ford windstar 2002?

Have vehicle scanned to determine the problem - usually in the emission control system

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