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Why does a transmission not shift until the car is fully warm even when the fluid and the solenoids were just changed?


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2004-11-18 21:41:03
2004-11-18 21:41:03

Torque converter or the transmission oil pump getting worn or a valve in the transmission is sticking.


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because the transmission didn't have IT'S fluid chanded every 25,000 miles.Answerthe automatic transmission fluid was changed and the solenoids, but it still will not change gears until the car is warm. AnswerProbably a tired/worn front pump.

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The transmission fluid capacity of a 1974 Chevy Nova is 10 quarts. This includes a large amount of fluid which is stored in the transmission and torque converter which is never fully drained.

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When a car accelerates slowly, it could just be that the car is not warmed up fully. Another reason for slow acceleration is a problem with the transmission. It could be low on fluid or need to have the fluid and the screen changed.

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Fully drained, you will need 7-8 quarts of ATF+4 fluid

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Amsoil 75-90 Severe Gear, fully synthetic.

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