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because the transmission didn't have IT'S fluid chanded every 25,000 miles.

Answerthe automatic Transmission Fluid was changed and the solenoids, but it still will not change gears until the car is warm.


Probably a tired/worn front pump.

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โˆ™ 2011-04-29 16:23:24
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Q: Why does a transmission not shift until the car is fully warm?
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Why does a transmission not shift until the car is fully warm even when the fluid and the solenoids were just changed?

Torque converter or the transmission oil pump getting worn or a valve in the transmission is sticking.

What would cause the automatic transmission not to shift until engine is fully warm?

Had problem with 86 Lincoln not shifting properly when cold. I assumed it was because the fluid was thicker and would be more affected by a clogged filter. I had the transmission flushed and the filter cleaned and it worked perfectly from then on.

1998 Chevy Malibu has to be warm to shift into gear?

Check your transmission.

Transmission will not shift into gear?

Check fluid level with engine warm in park, also check linkage from shifter to transmission casing.

Why would a 1992 Accord transmission not shift properly until the engine is warm?

Have your transmission flushed.($120-140) My 87 Accord did the same thing. Unfortunately, it needed a rebuild a year later. Good luck. Is level low?

What is wrong with 93 Geo tracker that wont change into 2 gear until engine warms up?

the seals in the transmission are shrunk but will expand when the oil gets warm so it will then shift

When cold my 1998 jeep grand Cherokee tranny does not want to shift but does when warm?

Check level of transmission fluid Change transmission fluid and filter

Chevy s-10 automatic transmission wont shift til warm?

try changing the filter and the trans fluid

Why does 2001 Hyundai xg300 hesitate or sometimes stall when not warm enough?

You should never run your car when it is not warm enough. More than likely you need a transmission fluid change, and the filter as well. Which is quite easy, but I would advise you to never run your car until it is fully warm enough for the car to be driveable.

Why does a 1994 sedan deville automatic transmission not shift into gear unless the car is warm?

hi i had the same problem,but when i changed the transmission modulater it stopped.i hope it works out for you to .good luck!!!!

Why does your 76 GM truck want to down shift when it is warm and slip when warm?

i found out my self it was the shift mod.

Hard shift when warm 97 safari why?

Same problem on my 1998 GMC Safari in 2003. I had the valve body in the transmission updated at a transmission shop. $368.88 and the problem has been fixed for the last 4 years.

1997 grand am transmission won't shift until warm?

that's not good at all! it sounds like your transmission is starting to go. when the engine is cool the transmission fluid is thicker and is settled. when it warms up it is thinner making it easier to shift it. the best thing you can do is take it to a shop and ask them to do a transmission flush. it'll by you a little more time and it is worth it! shouldn't be anymore than $150. just ask for a quote up front. other than replacing the whole transmission, that is really your only option. and It'll give you a better idea of whats going on. good luck!

What causes a transmission on a 1998 mystique to bang into gear after car is warm?

I would be suspicious of the shift solenoids, this model I believe has 2 of them, along with a tcc solenoid.

Both warm-up and cooldown routines should last for how long?

a warm up should last 15 to 45 minutes or until your body feels fully stretched

What causes an automatic transmission to shift up and down when it is not supposed to?

Check fluid level, is the vehicle warm or cold when this happens. The torque convertor may be bad. The transmission may need to be serviced (new fluid,filter, etc).

What is wrong with your transmission when it takes a while to shift into gear?

Most Likely needs time to warm up. Oil is thicker when its cold so Lubrication between gears can be harder.

How do you read the dipstick for transmission fluid for 1998 ford escort?

Drive the car long enough to fully warm up the transmission. Put the car in "Park", engage the parking brake and allow the engine to idle. Remove the dipstick for the transmission and wipe it clean. Fully reinstall, then remove the dipstick. Note the level of fluid...should be between the "add" and "full" marks, not be dark or smell burnt.

1998 BMW 318i slipping out of gear. What could be the problem?

automatic? check transmission fluid,running .the check plug is behind the shift cable.should spill out when engine is warm

How many quarts of transmission fluid should you put in a 2006 Toyota 4Runner?

add until full and stop at the full mark when warm.

What can you do about your 1994 Pontiac transport not shifting until it is warm?

could be a bad modulator valve but i would change filter and fluid in transmission first

Is it safe to bathe a baby chick?

Yes, but make sure you gently dry them and keep them warm until they are fully dry. I personally do not bath my chickens.

What causes an automatic transmission not to shift correctly or slam into the next gear when the outside temp. gets below 35 degrees until the trans. warms up after 1 to 2 miles of driving 2001 Honda?

Have you checked the fluid level? Some transmission dip sticks you can check both cold and hot. If you can check yours...........but the best measurement is when the tranny is hot or up to full temp. The fluid expands when ti gets warm and maybe your tranny is low when it is cold and until the fluid warms up, it has a difficult time trying to shift gears.

What does it mean when my jeep liberty when you are excellerating and when it is shifting from first to second there's a hard shift as if it is low on transmission fluid?

It is probably low on transmission fluid. Check transmission fluid level only with a warm engine after it has been run about 5 miles or so. Checking this when the engine is cool will give false readings.

Why would transmission be slow to shift when cold and not when warm?

Lip seals in the clutch drums are worn and hard. When cold the don't hold fluid pressure but they expand when warm thus allowing fluid pressure to build up. If you can't tolerate this till the fluid warms the only fix is to dismantle the transmission and change the lip seals in the clutch drums.