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Because you are a class A "Enabler!" You allow this behavior to go on and the question is, "Why have you lost your self esteem?" Please think of this: He comes waltzing into your place, has a relationship with you (more than likely sexually as well) then grows bored, takes off, sees other women, gets bored and comes back to you for a place to hang out AND YOU LET HIM!!!!!! Good Lord, woman! He isn't even a good cheater because you don't even require that from him. He's walked on you, used you, stomped on your precious heart and is arrogant! What more can one say to get you to tell this guy to hit the bricks. Tell him to keep walking! Give yourself a chance and realize there are some good men out there that don't treat their counterpart in this way. Good luck Marcy

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โˆ™ 2005-11-23 20:15:29
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Q: Why does he keep dumping you and then come back over and over?
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