Nissan Maxima

Why does only one of the horns in your 2000 Maxima work?

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Only high beam works on your 93 Nissan Maxima?

Only high beams work on my 93 Nissan maxima. Had new headlight put in but still doesn't work. What may this be? Thanks you so much

Can a 1992 Maxima engine work in a 1988 Maxima?


Why does only the HIGH blower work on my 1997 Nissan maxima?

Your blower switch sensor is out. Replace it!Then all the speeds will work

Will a supercharger off an 89 Maxima 3.0 work on a 92 Maxima 3.0 if so how?

only if both motors are the vg. in 92 they came out with the vq. if the 92 is an se model than it wont work. if its a model with the sohc then ya its the same

Will a 1993 transmission work in a 1997 maxima?


Will rims off a 92 maxima work on an 01 maxima?

Yes, they're all 5X114.3 bolt pattern.

What could be wrong with a 2000 Maxima GLE if the left brake light does not work when the car is in park but works when you step on brakes?

Break light bulb has two spirals in it - one for back lights and one for brake lights. Replace the bulb. By the way, this is not a Maxima specific question

Does a 1992 Maxima transmission work with a 1993 Maxima?

yes as long as they are both single or both double over head cams

2000 maxima and the fuel gauge quit working it goes down when you turn the car off but will only go up a small amount when starting the fuel light doesnt work either what could be my problem?

running the gas out before you start it back up

Why would 1 set of keys for your 2000 Maxima not work but the other set works fine The engine starts to turn but won't catch.?

I thinks it because the key has a chip that has to be programned.

Will a PSP slim 2000 work with a PSP 1001?

If you asked connecting psp 2000 to 1001 it will work but with wirelles ( I think the wirelles is the only way to connect them).

Will gasket sealant work for a blown head on a 1996 Nissan Maxima?

No, it will not. This is just a temporary emergency repair. The only way to fix a blown head gasket is to replace it.

How do you turn on the fog lamps on a 1997 Town and country?

On my 2000 town and country, you pull out the headlight switch, fog lamps only work on low beam On my 2000 town and country, you pull out the headlight switch, fog lamps only work on low beam On my 2000 town and country, you pull out the headlight switch, fog lamps only work on low beam

Does Nyko Theater Experience work with psp 3000?

NO ,sorry 1000 only, but i have seen it modifed to work on a 2000

Why new horn don't work with good relay and fuse and power going to its terminal?

you have to make sure you have a good ground , also depending on the vehicle it may have power all time at the connection end of horn , the switch may only supply a ground, one other thing depending on the vehicle is some after market horns will not work i had a mid nineties Nissan the horns went out on , and the ones i bought from napa wouldn't work i had to get Nissan horns , go figure i don't know if the resistance is different in them ,good luck

2007 Nissan maxima push button start does not work?

Hey stupid the 2007 maxima doesnt have a push button start the 2009 does and u have to have the key in the key port

1992-1994 maxima rear disc brakes work on a Nissan sentra 1991-1994?

no because the maxima is a 5 lug and the sentra is 4 lug

Nissan Maxima horn does not work?

Blown/no fuse, bad relay, or a bad switch

Will windows explorer 7 work with windows 2000?

Internet Explorer 7 will not work with Windows 2000 or any operating system before it. It works only with Windows XP and above.

Why doesn't the key work in my 1999 maxima?

only thing i can think of is because the key has a computer chip in it if u have the wrong key or the chip is messed up the car wont start

What are the horns on a giraffes head?

They have these to avoid other animals in the wild as their bells dont work

If the power locks are not working on a 2000 GMC Safari and only work from the remote is it a fuse problem?


What causes the turn signals on a 2000 Chevy Mailbu to work only sporatically?

beleive there is a recall for that

How can you open the trunk of a 1989 Maxima if the lock is jammed and the push rod will not work either from inside?


Does a motorcycle horn work with positive and negative connector?

Some motorcycle horns have a positive and negative connector. Others may only have a positive wire connector and use the frame for a ground.

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