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Why does only the passinger side radiator fan come on on an over heating 1996 Honda Accord after the ignition has been turned off?


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The second fan is usually for the when the air conditioning is turned on and only comes on when the a/c is on.


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The right hand side fan is for the air condition. If the car is on and you switch the air condition the fan will come on.

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The yellow radiator light on your Honda Accord is an indicator of low coolant in the radiator. The red radiator warning light is an indication of the engine overheating.

Low of coolant, thermostat is stuck closed, radiator is clogged, cooling fan is not working, or blown head gasket.

The thermostat is located in the radiator hose. Look for the black hose that runs under the ignition. Take the clamp out pull the hose out and there should be the thermostat.

Lost ignition keys for newer vehicles can be obtained from the vehicle dealership. Lost keys for a 1978 Honda Accord will require the replacement of the ignition.

I believe it is located under the passinger side seat? At least on my 89 LXi is where it is

My personal experience with my '86 Accord lxi: after calling all radiator repair shops in town, it was just as cheap to buy a new radiator with a warranty as it was to rebuild my old radiator.

The 1993 Honda accord ignition actuator can be found beneath the dashboard. The actuator will be on the drivers side of the passenger compartment.

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The radiator drain plug on a 1988 Honda Accord LX is located on the lower right side of the radiator. If facing the vehicle from the front, it would be on the driver's side of the radiator. To drain easily, loosen the radiator cap after opening the drain plug.

Replace the radiator. It is plastic and cannot be repaired.

Under the radiator just use some pliers

the horn is in front of the radiator.

Coolant is flushed from the radiator of a 1997 Honda Accord by opening the petcock and allowing the system to drain. The petcock is then closed, the system filled with water, and a flush added to the radiator to cleanse the system.

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follow the lower radiator hose from the radiator to the water pump

The 1991 Honda Accord horn relay switch can be found mounted to the radiator. The horn relay switch will be on the right hand side of the radiator housing.

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