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you're out of Gas. you should try and check fues number:18,7,3,8, ood luck!

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Q: Why does the 1985 Lincoln Town Car have no instrument cluster display then try to start it fires up then immediately dies any ideas?
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How do you replace the mileage display light?

What kind of vehicle? The light is most likely behind the instrument cluster. The instrument cluster would have to be removed to gain acces to the bulb.

How do you repair instrument cluster electronics 1990 Volvo DL?

Repair is a big there are several components to the cluster. What symptoms does it display?

How do you you set the time in a 2004 BMW 325ci?

Very aggravating problem with a simple answer thanks to my wife! First, you must have the time showing in the instrument cluster of your dashboard (the digital display in the center of the dash showing the odomoter, temperature, etc.). If the time is not showing in the instrument cluster, then look/feel for a small button labelled 'BC' on the end of the turn signal indicator lever. Push this button to scroll through the options for the instrument cluster and stop when the time is displayed. With the time showing in the instrument cluster, twist and hold the right knob on the instrument cluster until the time starts to change. You can twist it forward or backwards depending on which way you want to set the time. This sets the time in both the instrument cluster and the radio.

Where is the horn relay on a 1986 Corvette?

The horn relay is mounted behind the instrument cluster display. This display is the one that has the overdrive, parking brake, security, service engine soon, etc. readouts.

How do you set the time on a 2003 325i radio display?

On your turn signal stalk you have a BC button, you need to use that to get the clock display to come up in the midlle of you instrument cluster(where the temp or mpg would display) then once that is in your screen use the right side trip reset button on the instrument cluster BY TURNING it left to right, you dont need to turn it hard. Turning to the left sets the clock back to the right sets it ahead.

Gear shift display in 2001 buick century went black?

This is a problem with your instrument cluster. It's a bit technical, contact me at ANCTechnologies at hotmail

Can an A6 Audi Quatro display panel that has become dim be repaired?

My dealer said no. The whole instrument cluster needs to be replaced for about $600-$800 dollars, I believe.

Where is the odometer located in the computer on a Chevy Trailblazer?

Just bought a 2006 and there is knob sticking out of the display at the top right that you push in and it changes the display from the odometer to the trip meter. The information is apparently stored in the PCM and however their is a memory in the instrument cluster itself.

How to Reset oil change light on 2006 titan?

check the owners manual. if you have one with the nav display in the center of the dash you will reset it through there. There is no oil change light in the instrument cluster.

Where is speedometer cable on a 1996 mercury villager?

The speedometer is electric, there is no cable. There is a speed sensor on the transmission that sends a signal to the PCM, which in turn sends a signal to the instrument cluster to display speed.

Where is reset button on clk Mercedes?

depends on the year if you have the trip computer on the dials display then its normally on the far left hand side of the instrument cluster just below 2 other buttons, up and down for the brightness of the cluster etc. mines a 2001 and is in this place...

How do you replace digital display dash lights in a 1994 Lincoln?

There aren't bulbs in the digital display of a 94 Towncar. The whole cluster had to be replaced with a good one and needs to be calibrated to your mileage and such. Check with your local dealer after obtaining a replacement. I would start with a junkyard for replacements.

1987 Pontiac Firebird and the dash lights do not work you did replace the dimmer switch and the headlight switch that did not work When you turn on the headlights the radio light goes out?

The instrument cluster lights have their own fuse. It's a 5 amp at the bottom center of the fuse block. When the lights are on, the radio draws lamp power from the instrument cluster. This allows you to dim the brightness of the radio display with the other internal lamps.

How do you change temperature display to celsius in a corolla 2005?

You can not. you have to change the whole cluster.

How do you repair the clock light on a Mercedes c280?

I need to know what year the vheicle is first, but I'll give you a rough overview. The clock is lit up by a bulb in the back of the clock display in the instrument cluster. To replace the bulb you need to remove the instrument cluster (it is very easy, but I recommend the use of Mercedes Special Tools. Mercedes produces a set of hook tools especially for jobs like this.) and take out the socket and replace the bulb. Note: If you are going to remove the instrument cluster for the repair, replace all the bulbs in the cluster. Chances are if one has gone bad, others are about to go bad, so get it all done at the same time so you don't have to do it again a week later.

How do you repair a 2000 Ford Expedition odometer?

2000 Ford Expeditions with digital odometers are prone to the common intermittent odometer problem. That is, the odometer sometimes works normally and at other times the odometer display will be dim or completely blank. The problem is normally caused by defective solder joints on a printed circuit board on the back side of the instrument cluster. There are basically three options for repairing the problem: (1) Replace the instrument cluster with a new or rebuilt cluster (the dealer charges up to $600) (2) Replace the instrument cluster with a used cluster. While somewhat cheaper, used clusters are likely to have the same problem. In addition, programming of the replaced cluster and programming the ignition keys to communicate with the PATS (passive security system) located in the instrument cluster will drive the cost considerably higher, well into the hundreds of dollars including the cost of the cluster. (3) You can repair your own instrument cluster for free by repairing the defective solder joints. Several Ford forums have information about repairing this common problem. For those who would prefer not to spend a lot of time reading through years of forum posts, all the information needed for repairing odometers with this problem is available in a repair manual format at .

What are the types of cluster headaches?

Approximately 80% of cluster headaches are classified as episodic; the remaining 20% are considered chronic. Both display the same symptoms.

What immediately display with assigned format?

Format Symbol

Is it possible to replace the gear selector display in the clocks of a 1995 525TD auto - the pixels don't all work?

no, the complete instrument cluster must be replaced, also it must be encoded and that can only be done by a dealer. good luck.

Can you swap the instrument cluster on a 2000 Tahoe with another if the odometer gear selection display has gone out?

Yes, you can order the part on ebay or by doing a google search. Mine recently went out, I hear that it is a common problem, with any easy fix.

What does excel immediately display with assigned format?

Format Symbol

How do you fix the lights on a 86 lebaron digital dash?

The light bulbs for the icon-displays (seatbelts, check engine, etc.) can be easily replaced after removing the instrument cluster bezel (4 screws after cluster removed from vehicle). However, if you are talking about the "digital display" such as speedometer, fuel gauge, engine temperature, oil pressure, etc., that is all tied into the electronic circuitry behind the display and would need the services of a professional that repairs digital instrument clusters. Check Hemmings for those that do that type of work. Your only other option would be to try and obtain a "used" instrument cluster that works properly from recyclers or on the Internet. Good luck, they haven't been made in over 25 years and anything that works will probably be at at premium. Plus, usually no guarantee on used parts.

Why does your odometer not work on your 2000 expedition?

The problem, lovingly referred to as the intermittent vanishing odometer, is common with F-150's and Expeditions. It is caused by a loose connection due to a cold solder joint on the ribbon cable receptacle that connects the odometer display to the instrument cluster. The Ford dealer will probably insist on replacing parts, but the problem can be fixed by simply resoldering the bad connection. That takes some soldering skill and only after removing the instrument cluster and gaining access to the back of the instrument cluster where the connector is located. A detailed repair manual describing the problem, including step-by-step instructions, with color photographs of the entire repair process can be obtained at It covers every detail of removing the instrument cluster, identifying and removing the defective circuit board and repairing the defective solder joints.

Would the EEC ECM affect simultaneously a 1992 Lincoln Town car not starting and having no display of the electronic instrument panel?

not really it depends on what took place when it happen but, that fuse for the instrument dash lighting is located under the dash board by the parking brake. change it out and see what happen

Where is the compass reading on Dodge Journey - i do not have the Nav system and can not find the compass readout?

If equipped it will display in the cluster.