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this genereally means that the left front caliper is siezed. if it pulls to the right then your right side is working fine, its the left you need to worry about. as a rule when it comes to brakes, what you do to one side you do to the other. so if you replace the left caliper, then i would suggest to do both of them. and don't forget to bleed the brakes.

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2006-03-29 01:48:36
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Q: Why does the brake pull strongly to the right?
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1993 Lincoln MARK8 brake pull?

it would be brake line ,if it pulls to right it would be the left one,if it pullss the left it is right one.sames to the caliber.

Why does the brakes pull to right?

You most likely have a bad brake caliper on the side that it pulls to.

How do you test a hand brake switch?

pull it back and see if it stops RIGHT away!!!ok

Where is is the parking brake release on 87 brougham?

The park release lever is right above the parking brake. I need to push in on my parking brake a little and then pull on the release for it to release it.

Why does truck pull to the right?

Out of alignment? Air pressure in tire low? Bent steering component? Frozen brake caliper? Parking brake dragging?

Why does the right rear brake grab and pull down on the rear suspension when braking in a 1998 Chevy cavalier Z24?

If you are referring to the parking brake...they are suppose to, but both,the left and the right side should pull down. The adjuster inside the drum my have stuck and needs some lube on the threads. Check the brake shoes on the rear.If they are still in spec tighen the side that dont pull down because it is not working correctly. If they are pulling down using the foot brake loosen the side that is pulling down, you should not notice the pull down when using the foot brake.

Why does your car pull to the left while braking?

The pads on the right are worn out replace all four brake pads.

Why would a 1994 Cavalier Z24 lose brake fluid and grab and pull to the right?

Look at it to see where the fluid is going. Check the LEFT FRONT brake to see if it is not working and causing the right one to do it all.

Why do your 2000 deawoo Nubia pull to the right when it change gears also when you slow down it pull to the left?

Maybe a frozen brake caliper Maybe a frozen brake caliper Maybe a frozen brake caliper Maybe a frozen brake caliper Maybe a frozen brake caliper Maybe a frozen brake caliper Maybe a frozen brake caliper In my opinion you have to change front lower arms' bushings.

Why does your car pull to the right when you brake?

Assuming you have disc brakes, it could be, a sticky or stuck brake caliper on the left side brake. Grease or brake fluid on the friction surface on the left side brake. A restricted brake hose/line on the left side brake. Air in the hydraulic lines on the left side brake.

What causes the front brakes on a 2001 F-250 to pull to the right when applied?

You have something wrong with the drivers side front brake. It is not working that's why it pulls to the right. Could be a bad rubber brake line that's not letting fluid through when brakes are applyed. A sticking brake cailber can cause this also. Pull front wheel and check things out.

Why when I brake hard my 95 GM van swerves to the right all brakes shocks and pinions have been replaced?

Possibly the problem is tire pressure. If the right front tire is under inflated it will grip the road more and pull you right when you brake.

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