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Low conditioner levels.

To low a setting on the device.

High bather loads.

Lack of other chemical adjustments. Ph & Total alkalinity.

Leaking pool.

High bather splash-out.

Wind, dirt, dogs, leaves.

Dirty filter.

Kids peeing in the pool.

And more.


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Q: Why does the chlorine disappear from a properly maintained salt pool?
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How much chlorine is in swimming pool?

If it's a properly maintained pool, it will have between 2-4ppm.

Can swimming in a chlorine pool affect a new earlobe piercing?

If the chlorine level is correctly maintained this should not be a problem.

What is the chlorine level to be in a water system?

The free chlorine in the pool should be maintained at 0.1 to 3.0 mg/l the Ideal is 2.0 MG/L

Do you need to santize pool after rat swims?

So long as the proper free chlorine levels are maintained you should have nothing to worry about. That is what the chlorine is meant to do.

Are chemicals necessary for a swimming pool?

Chlorine stabilizer or conditioner (cyanuric acid) is used, in outdoor chlorine-maintained swimming pools. Thanks for using!

How do you clean your pool properly after finding a dead dog in it?

Remove any solids you can, then vacuum the bottom of the pool, then shock the pool with chlorine shock. Hatawa

If you have a cut on your body and you go in the swimming pool can you catch anything?

So long as the disinfection system of the pool is properly maintained you have nothing to wory about.

What is the hp level of the water in a properly maintained swimming pool?

The proper pH level is 7.2-7.5

What does chlorine from a pool smell like?

Generally if chlorine level is maintained between 1-3ppm you should not smell chlorine. As the level rises it becomes noticable, however most complaints about chlorine smell are due to chloramines (even in a clear & clean pool), chlorine molecules which are bound by swimmer wastes and/or bacteria introduced to the pool. This problem can be confirmed by a reputable pool shop by testing your water. Fix it by oxidising your pool regularly during the swimming season and let the pool breathe by removing the cover for the following hour or so.

What is the difference between a saltwater pool or a chlorine pool?

A salt water pool is a chlorine pool. The difference is that the chlorine is manufactured in the system by the chlorine generator. Otherwise NO DIFFERENCE!!

Do you have to drain your swimming pool when converting it from a saltwater pool to a chlorine pool?

No, a saltwater pool is already a chlorine pool. ALL CHLORINE EVENTUALLY BECOMES SALT. Every pool that has ever had chlorine in it has salt in it.

What should the pH level of your swimming pool water be when treating with an algae killer?

Pool PH should always be maintained between 7.2 & 7.6. Most other pool chemicals including algaecides, clarifiers, and chlorine work most effectively with PH maintained in that range.

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