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Why does the engine get hot too fast and the heater blow cold air in a 98 Mystic 2.5L V6?

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2007-02-15 18:22:33
2007-02-15 18:22:33

Flush,Clean or change the heater core u need to replace engine thermostat

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Check to insure that the engine coolant is full and the thermostat is not stuck. Without the heated fluid from the engine the heater will always blow cold air.

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engine not warm, low coolant, or stuck thermostat

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Interior heat uses the engine heat. If the engine is still cold, the heater will blow cold. If the engine is warm and the heater is blowing cold, you have a problem with the heater. Check the water in the radiator and see if it is rusty. If it is rusty, change your coolant, thermostat, and hoses. Look at the heater hoses when someone steps down on the gas pedal. If a hose collapses, replace your heater hoses. Otherwise take it to a mechanic.

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