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I had the same problem and it is your oxygen sensor.

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Q: Why does the engine rev up and down when the throttle is held steady on a 1989 Dodge Colt?
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Dodge colt 1993 no start no fire?

1989 dodge colt no start;noid light steady bright

Is the 3.9 motor of 1989 Dodge Dakota injection or carburetor?

A 1989 Dakota has throttle body fuel injection.

Does your 1989 Dodge have a Carburetor or a throttle body?

Im getting air to my throttle body but no gas comeing out the injection just air

Where is the throttle positioning sensor on a 1989 Oldsmobile with a 2.8 Liter 6 cylinder engine?

The throttle positioning sensor is located in the throttle body.

1989 Dodge Ram 50 carburetor hose diagram?

The 89 Dodge Ram didn't have a carburetor, it is throttle body fuel injected. The emission vacuum hose diagram should be posted on a sticker located in the engine compartment.

Is a 1989 Dodge 318 engine block the same as a 360 engine block?


Who makes the 5.9 liter engine in a 1989 dodge cargo van?


How do you fix a sticky throttle on a 1989 Dodge Dakota 3.9L V6?

1st check throttle housing,then if it is the cable getting stuck you can oil it a little bit

What is the recommended engine oil for a 1989 dodge caravan?


Engine diagram 1989 Dodge Dakota V6 Engine?

The engine diagram for a 1989 Dodge Dakota be can be found in the Dakota service manual. The manual is available through most auto parts, or possibly at the public library.

What would cause the fuel injector in a throttle body injection to open fully and flood out the engine on a 1989 dodge pickup?

bad injecter, o-rings are bad, need to either rebuild or replace

Where are the glow plugs located in a 1989 dodge 250 5.9 liter?

the dodge/ cummins engine does not have glow plugs

What type of carb is on 1989 jeep yj 4.2 l engine?

That is a throttle body injection system.

Why is 1989 dodge spirit with 2.5 liter engine 4 cylinders and fuel injection excessively revving over 3000 rpms on start up with minor misfires on take off?

you have a vacum leak on your throttle body

Where is the oil pan on a 1989 dodge caravan 2.5?

Attached to the bottom of the engine.

Does anyone have a diagram of the engine compartment of a 1989 Dodge D100 pickup?

Go to your local dodge dealer and ask if you can get a copy.

When did Dodge start using Cummins engines?

Dodge started using the 5.9L Cummins engine in the 1989 model year.

Where is the starter on a 1989 dodge d100 truck?

Look at the rear lower end of the engine

Do a 1989 dodge ram van with 318 engine have reset button for fuel pump?


1989 Dodge Ram voltage regulator?

The engine computer (behind the battery) is the regulator.

What is the location of oxygen sensor for 1989 Dodge Dakota?

The 1989 Dodge Dakota oxygen sensor can be found on the top of the engine. The oxygen sensor will be on the back side of the air cleaner housing.

1989 dodge colt e when the car sits over night the car seem like it is starving for fue after turning over the engine several times the engine will start up and seem to run steady This only happens du?

this question best served under automobile section

Where is the automatic shutdown relay located on a 1989 Dodge Dakota pickup?

I got 89 dodge dakota 2.5 engine 5 speed pickup won't

Dodge Colt 1989 with a Mitsubishi 1.5 engine does not start when warm?

It starts better when its warm!

Where is the fuel filter on a 1989 GMC Jimmy 2.8 engine?

It should be on the drivers side front of the engine. Follow your fuel line from the throttle body forward and down.