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Why does the gas gauge move while sitting still on 2002 Chevy Silverado 1500?

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Crummy fuel guage sending units. The GM trucks are notorious for that kind of thing. Solid vehicle mechanically otherwise though. The above answer is correct but to maybe help a little more, try adding some Techron to your gas tank. You can buy it at Walmart or Pep Boys or AZ. Some of todays fuels have a lot of sulpher content and this adhere's itself to the fuel sending unit. The Techron helps dissolve this. I own a 2004 Corvette and a lot of Vette owners were advised to try this to alleviate the fuel sending unti problem and it worked for a lot of us, NOT ALL but it may help. Then do a Google search for TOP TIER GASOLINES or TOP TIER FUELS> There is a list of gasolines that have the right additives to help with this problem. I buy Conoco or Chevron or Texaco which already have the Techron additive in it so I don't need to buy it separately.

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Did Chevy ever make a Silverado SS?

Yes they did make a Chevy Silverado SS. In fact they still make them. You can check out the new Chevy Silverado SS at it's own official site at

When the gas light comes on in your 2006 Chevy silverado how many gallons do you still have?

Around 3 gallons.

Why does battery light come on while 2002 chevy silverado truch is still running?

There is a problem with the charging system.

Does Chevy still make Silverados?

Yes, Chevy still makes Silverado trucks. The base model WT starts at around $20,000. The most powerful model, the 3500HD starts at around $30,000.

Can you still run your 1988 Chevy silverado if you have a blown piston ring?

If you do, you will only do more damage. Time to overhaul or replace.

Is there a switch on the Chevy Impala to enable heat to blow when the vehicle is running but sitting still It does not appear to operate unless the vehicle is in motion?

Blower motor switch. Put it on High and it will blow when sitting still with the engine running.

What causes a Chevy silverado to not start but still has power and makes the temp and fuel gauge go back and forth?

does engine turn over/ sounds like you have a bad starter motor. you are getting power to everything but loosing it when you try to start. generally is a good indication of a bad starter motor

Why does your 2005 Chevy Trailblazer read 20mph sitting still?

The gauge cluster is electronic and the speedo is controlled by a small stepper motor that is a very common failure. Check with your local Chevy dealer to see if they will honor the recall for this (there is a TSB for it) Other wise visit our enthusiast forum for all the help you need to fix it yourself and save hundreds of dollars.

Is it possible to upgrade the suspension in my 1990 Chevy Silverado 1500 into a 3500?

no sir its not. sorry sir hope u still can reach out into your dreams and go buy a 3500:)

Why don't i have brake lights on your 92 Chevy silverado?

all my light work,changed my break light switch still dont have break lighs,i have good grounds

What size are the door speakers and rear speakers in a 2003 Chevy silverado?

The door speakers are 6 1/2 " round...still looking for the size of the rear ones.

What causes every light and the volt meter gauge needle on your 2000 Chevy Silverado pickup to pulse like a strobe light?

Your problem may be in the charging system, or a switch in the A/C system. Usually this is caused by a bad set of diodes in your alternator, go to an Advance autoparts and have them test your alternator, they can do it while its still on the vehicle.

Average mileage lifespan of Chevy Suburbans?

My is at 171,000 miles...still running fine, no major mechanical problems. Although gas gauge is broken.

What is sitting with one leg over the other?

It is still sitting!

The fuel pump is fine on my Chevy s10 blazer then why is my gauge still read empty?

The fuel pump may be fine but the sending unit may not be. The sending unit is probably the most common cause of fuel gauge failure.

What causes the clutch on a 1995 Chevy Silverado 4X4 to still be out after the clutch line was replaced?

bad clutch, bad pressure plate, throw out bearing, air in the hydraulic lines...etc

What type of freon for a 89 Chevy Silverado truck?

R134a, R12 is no longer available if you system has no major leaks, ask around local shops for r12. there's still some out there.

1992 Chevy silverado with a 5.7 you put sparkplugs wires cap and rotor air filter and its still running rough what else should you change?

Check all vacuum lines

Is it normal for a 2004 Chevy Silverado to have a noise in 4WD that is still there after replacing the bearings?

If it is like a whirring whine that is probably a normal 4X4 noise. Any other noise I'd be looking into as a problem.

2002 Chevy silverado 4.8 8 cylinder with multiple misfire code you have changed spark plugs and wiresfuel filter and one O2 sensors and you still have the problem?

fuel injecters bad

I have a 2006 Chevy silverado the driver side leaks from the top and puddles in the floorboard i removed the cowl and resealed inside the cowl it still leaks any suggestions?

check your vents on back of cab

Is an object on the surface of earth sitting still relative in outer space?

Nothing anywhere is sitting still. All is moving.

How do you change a cabin filter on a 2005 Chevy silverado?

GM phased out the in cab air filter in 2004. No filter to change on the 2005 model year. Napa still sells them, but their database of parts is flawed.

What is wrong with a 1996 Chevy Corsica 31L that shakes while driving and sitting still and how do you fix it?

Does it have a miss? check plugs and wires. Also a possibility of a bad throttle position sensor.

What if you change the power steering pump and the steering wheel is still hard to turn on a 2000 Chevy Silverado?

ball joints could be bad Did you make sure you got all the air out of the power steering system?