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Why does the steering wheel vibrate when braking after having four new tires fitted?


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2004-12-16 18:56:55
2004-12-16 18:56:55

The wheels were probably overtorqued. Have the rotors turned and the wheels torqued correctly. The mechanic more than likely overtightened the lug nuts holding your wheels on. With all of the horror stories of people having their wheels come off while riding down the road, service garages and mechanics are probably being over cautious. If tight is good, then even tighter is better. Unfortunately, what happens is that they end up warping the brake rotors (the disks that your break pads pinch together on to make your car stop). The warped rotors then give you that pulsing effect when you brake. Newer cars have lighter weight rotors that are more susceptible to warping, and, if your rotors are old or have been turned on a lathe, they are narrower and weaker and can warp easier.


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