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Why does the warning light on the dash stay on all the time even thought all the brake lights are working on a 1996 Honda Accord?


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2004-10-05 22:19:56
2004-10-05 22:19:56

Check your brake fluid, it more then likely is low. That is a good indicator when the light comes on, if its not that... you might want to check your Ebrake cable underneath the car make sure its not hung up.


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The warning lights on a Honda Accord are the same as the warning lights on most other cars.

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Warning lights on a 2008 Honda Accord include the gas light and the check engine light. There is also lights that come on when doors are open.

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You have got a blown fuse. These lights are all on the same circuit.

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They are different sets of bulbs. You'll have to check the bulbs and wiring if necessary.

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