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Why does your 2006 jeep wrangler leak water on driver and passenger side carpet each time it rains It occurs whether the hard top or soft top is in use Dealer has replaced all door gaskets still leaks?



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Because during the design process Chrysler were offered three roof systems by the roof suppliers, one that was cheap, but would not work, one that was a little more expensive but worked better and one that worked perfectly but was the most expensive. Because those who make the decisions of this sort get bonus' based on how far under budget their programs are, the person in charge chose the cheapest roof system which had inadequate water management. He got a nice big bonus and you get wet carpets.

On a more serious note, look at how flat the roof is and then look at how small and flat the roof water management channels are, Chrysler simply forgot the simplest rule of water management, Gravity is your friend...

It's also important to note that under State and Federal law, consumers can be responsible for providing a full or partial refund to consumers who repeatedly suffer this problem under manufacturers warranty. For more information, visit .