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Why does your lumina 31 crank free with plugs out but not when back in?

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When you remove the plugs, this removes the compression of the piston in the combustion chamber. There is no force acting on the top of the pistons when the spark plug is out since as the piston comes up, it just pushes the air in the chanmber out the spark plug hole. Once you plug that hole with the spark plug, now there is resistance and as the piston keeps getting closer to the top of the combustion chamber, the pressure increases which is called compression ratio. The higher the compression ratio, the more force it takes to drive the piston to the top of it's stroke. If your starter can't crank the engine with the plugs in it, then I would say you have a weak battery or some poor connections to the starter from the battery. Clean all your connections and fully charge the battery and then see. Removing the plugs just removes the resistance the engine uses to compress the air, add fuel, and ignite with spark to explode and drive the piston down on the crank thus turning it into a circular motion which is then used to spin a flywheel.

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best bet for free is a junkyard..

How do you take off a 96 Lumina car window crank?

I have a 95 Chevy lumina and some kids broke into my rear window. I thought I was in for a heap of trouble. After calling several car window repair places I learned that they make a tool for taking off the crank. between the crank and the inside of the door there is a u-shaped looking holder that clamps around the crank and holds it in place. I got several quotes from people some were cheap some were inexpensive. I told a guy about my situation and he said he would take it off for free. He came out with a wrench looking tool stuck it between the crank and out fell the paper clip looking holder I was SOOO frustrated because I almost ripped the interior out of my car. The man then told me you could buy one for fairly cheap at NAPA or Bumper to bumper for under 20 bucks. I

Are 205 75 R15 useable on a Chevy lumina?

as long as your lug holes line up it should be fine. put em on and crank the wheels over as far as you can make sure they clear the fender well. better yet go to discount tire co. have them do it. if they mess any thing up you get it fixed for free and free tires

What might be wrong with a 1993 Chevy Lumina that runs for 20 minutes and then stalls and after about 30-40 minutes will start again?

I have a 93 Corsica and had this problem. 1. crank sensor 2 ignition modual 3. main brain. Ck codes at a shop. Some will do this for free.

Hard starting in hot weather 1996 Chevrolet lumina 3.1 v6?

Does the check engine soon light come on? If so, have the computer scanned for trouble codes (for free at auto zone in the USA) If a spark control code comes up, try changing your crank position sensor.

How does one test an ignition module for an 1998 Lumina with a 31 engine no spark at the plugs?

if you have the module off take it to a parts store(autozone/advanced auto,or whatever you have around your location) they should be able to test it for free. you may also want to check your pick up coil/coil and distributer.

Chevy lumina fan not working?

There are several things that can cause your Chevy Lumina fan to not work properly. The most common cause is a bad ground wire. Check the ground wire and make sure it is tight and free of corrosion.

Is there a problem with 1997 Ford trucks back spark plugs?

There is most definitely a problem with the spark plugs on the Ford Triton 5.7 V-8. The problems range from plugs that you can't remove to plugs that blow right out of the head. When that happens, it takes the threads with it. Do a search for Triton spark plugs. Rick I'm a retired ASE Master/L-1 Technician. I still keep current with the latest automotive technology. Visit my blog for cool articles and TSB's:

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What could be the problem car won't star after replacing battery cold it be the computer?

What do you mean by "car won't start"? Will it not crank? Will it crank but not start? Any time an engine won't start, always go back to the basics. Check for fuel, spark and compression. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact me at:

What cause Ford expedition cylinder misfire?

Plugs or / and Coil Packs. Auto Zone will check your codes for free and will tell you which plugs or coils are bad. Then replace.

Your 2000 Chevy Impala started shaking the other day you put new plugs and wires and its still doing it what can you check now?

go back and check each plug gap, put the gap at .44. check to see if all plug are screwed in all the way (especially back plugs), check the plug wire is completely down on the plug (especially on the back plugs). shaking could be bad wire, misfire, leaking vaccumm lines. if you don't have a code scranner, go to auto zone and get code read out. they do it free.

How do you change crank sensor on 98 Saturn 1.9l?

crank sensor is right behind the starter with two wires connector plug n 10 mm bolt holding it in undo the bolt twist sensor side to side to brake free the o ring then pull out the sensor n repeat the same steps to put back the new one make sure u plug the connector back in

What is causing random cylinder misfire in a 1998 dodge neon SOHC Keep in mind Spark plugs wires battery and crank sensor all replaced within last 30 days...?

could be a bad coil or ignition control module. Check for codes at auto parts store free.

Need an answer for free on What is wrong with your car 99 dodge avenger will not start?

Things to check. Does it crank? If not,battery, starter, If it dies crank, fuel pressure, spark, check engine light codes.

What would cause a 1997 3.9 liter dodge ram to not crank back after it's been running for a while you turn the key off try to crank again it just turs over?

the ignition control module is getting hot and shutting down take it off and have it tested at any auto parts store its free to test

How do you get to the three back spark plugs on a Chevy Venture van?

you have 2 choices, either rotate the engine forward and remove the coil packs, which will free the way to the plugs, but you will be going at them by feel, hard to see them. Or if you have a lift (not jack stands, but a lift) you can go at them from the underside. You'll be able to see them, but will have to be limber to get them. I'd recommend having a mechanic do it to avoid crossthreading the plugs since either way is fairly difficult.

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Free stuck calipers 94 lumina?

Change the brake hoses, they get hard inside and won't release pressure, kind of like a check valve.

How do you change the back three spark plugs on a 3.8lt. v6 2000 Buick Lesabre?

The rear plugs are removed form on top. They are tough to get to. A swivel spark plug socket is very helpful. The plug wires will alo be very hard to remove. You need to twist the wire end on the plug th "break it free".

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