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The window crank slips because the regulator gear has most likely stripped. You will need to remove the outer door panel to verify for sure but unless the crank is broken (It would fall off if it was) the regulator is stripped


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Saturn Shop Foreman here, old school GM window crank remover or use a shop rag behind the crank to grab the tangs of the clip and pop it out, it will fly like the wind if you don't watch out!

Lower/front/driver side of the block. The one aiming at the crank pulley is the crank sensor. The cam sensor is just above it.Lower/front/driver side of the block. The one aiming at the crank pulley is the crank sensor. The cam sensor is just above it.

driver front fender inside

Open driver side door. remove inner door panel lower window pull it out of the bracket.

I have the same problem, same year of car too, I do have a manual window crank, they told me to unscrew the 9-10 screws and the outside panel comes off.

The Saturn L series transaxle is in front of the driver, connected to the engine.

The V6 in the Saturn VUE is sideways (FWD) vs. the version used in the Cadillac Catera (RWD). On the Saturn, the crank sensor is mounted on the front side of the engine, sort of near where the trans mounts to the engine. Pretty easy to change.

On the engine block, directly in front of the driver. You need to get to it from underneath.

on the harmonic balancer in the front of the motor it's a little window sensor

You will need a Phillips head screw driver and a universal window crank removing tool. unscrew the scres at the bottom of the door panel. and pop of the tweeter grill there is a screw there and one behind a plastic piece where the window switch would be. take off the door panel. and the rest is just to remove the speaker. get a nice carbide drill bid for you will need to make new speaker mounting hole in the door.

On a mk1 I paid £70 which included fitting.

i use a flat head screw driver cause i know how to manipulate the pin in how to knock it out from behind the crank but they have a special tool that makes this very simple go to any auto part store and ask them for the tool that removes this pin and when you go to remove this pin there is a plastic retainer in front of the door panel then the door crank has the U shape pin going through it use this tool by sliding it down on top in front of the door paanel and that retainer on top of ther crank it self and try turning the crank until you feel the tool drop down and then try pulling with ease out towards you and it should remove rather easily if not then pull the tool back up just enough to make another turn and repear the process till it drops down and then it should slide rite off. MOST OR ALL SATURNS ARE THE SAME WITH THIS WINDOW CRANK

4 airbags in 2004 Saturn L-300; front driver and front passenger; roof mount side impact driver and directly behind back seat passenger and roof mount side impact passenger and directly behind back seat passenger

on the front of the motor under the front crank it has a plug going to the crank.

It is on the front of the crank shaft. It seals the oil at the crank pulley.

remove the door and window crank handles with a special tool from the parts store, Then all of the screws you can find esp at the corners. Then the retainers with a special tool around the sides and botton fo the door.This is not an easy job.

Driver side of the bell housing at about 2 o'clock if looking from the front.

remove belts,remove crank pulley,remove need to check front cover they are bad about timing chain rubing holes through it.

Look at the opposite window. Driver side windows are often simalair to there opposing window. Some parts are reversed for obvious reasons.

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