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Why dont your interior lights come on when you open the doors on your 1993 Corvette?


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2010-11-05 02:34:05
2010-11-05 02:34:05

on the door there is a plastic switch on the outside edge the switch has a spring in it gets stuck you will need to try pull centre out clean it so it goesin and out then your interior lights will come on

AnswerIf you have a coupe the hatch release on the edge of the door panel won't work if the also if the plunger switch located in the same area is stuck in, pull the center of the black round switch out about a half inch and it should work. Mine sticks also.

hatch release


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First shut all the doors then use your light switch to turn off or on dome lights if that doesn't work it could be a bad door pin switch

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Where is the fuse locations? Interior and brake lights have gone out while attempting to replace fog lights.

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If the dash lights of a 1993 Honda Civic do not work than there is most likely a problem with the dash fuse. When it blows all the gauges will cease to function.

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