Why is John McCain running for presedient?

== == John McCain does not the following classical Republican positions:

* He has been one of strongest supporters of the war in Iraq, calling for decisive actions for victory, and strongly supporting the surge * Supports lowering federal spending. Also supports lowering taxes, though he voted against the Bush tax cuts.

* Opposes gun control McCain is perhaps better known for breaking with his party to write bipartisan legislation: * McCain coauthored (with Democrat Russ Feingold) campaign finance legislation whose primary intent was to limit the use of soft-money and issue ads. This was criticized by many conservatives as a violation of the first amendment, and as an attempt to strenghten the mainstream media (who were not limited) by limiting political groups' abilities to present their views. * On immigration reform, McCain favored putting illegal immigrants on a path to legalization. Many conservatives saw this as "amnesty" and as rewarding criminal behavior, thus encouraging more of it in the future while punishing those that did follow the rules.