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Because it call sense the difference between a base and an acid.

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Why is iodine called an idicator?

Iodine is called an indicator because when iodine is in a substance that was sprayed it indicates that diffusion has occured by the smell spreading in the room.

Is iodine an indicator of glucose?

No. Iodine is an indicator of starch which results in a bluish-black color when mixed.

Why you use starch as an indicator?

Starch is not the indicator. Iodine is the indicator of starch.

What is iodine an indicator for?


What is iodine used as an indicator for?

Iodine is used as an indicator for starch. When a substance has iodine added to it, then it will turn into a dark blue color. This is a sign that the substance indeed has starch in it.

What indicator tests for starch?


Chemical indicator for starch?


How do you make a vitamin c indicator?

Iodine makes a good indicator. The iodine will blend into the surrounding color. Once their is no more vitamin c then the iodine will start to chemically combine with any starches

What indicator can be used to observe the breakdown of protein?

An indicator that can be used to observe the breakdown of a protein is iodine. Iodine is a common indicator because it will turn a blue-black color unless the protein is broken down.

What indicator chemical do you use to find sugar?


What color does the indicator turn when starch is present?

Iodine is used to indicate whether starch is present in a solution. If starch IS present, the indicator will turn dark blue/black. Iodine is used to indicate whether starch is present in a solution. If starch IS present, the indicator will turn dark blue/black. FOR WHAT PURPOSE WE USE STARCH-IODINE INDICATOR PAPER

What is used as an indicator for starch?

Iodine. If you ever get iodine on your clothing, it will leave a permanent stain because of the starch.

What color does iodine solution turn as an indicator for protein?


What chemical indicator do you use for starch?

Iodine is a good reagent.

What is the indicator for starches?

Iodine. Iodine forms a complex with the amylose chains, forming a nice bright blue color.

Why isn't there a color change to purplish black when iodine is added to milk?

Starch is not present. Iodine is an indicator for starch.

Why does iodine change color on certain food?

Iodine on certain foods is used as an indicator of the presence of starches in the food.

A yellow brown indicator that turn blue black when it comes in contract with starch?

That would probably be referring to iodine.

Why is iodine an indicator?

because it comes in contact with starch changes to black.

What turns color in the presence of starch?

Iodine -- it is used as a starch indicator.

Why is iodine called iodine?

It is called iodine because the Greek word for violet is iodes

Why it is called universal indicator?

why universal indicator is called universal indicator?

Will cooked rice turned dark blue with iodine solution?

Yes -cooked rice has starch present which is a natural indicator for Iodine

What effect does iodine have on moist indicator?

It turns the moisture indicator brown. It stains it like it would stain your skin. it also can burn ...

What indicator is used to determine if starch is present in a compound?

Iodine solution, my friend! :]