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Why is the british flag red white and blue?

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acording to ancient and heraldic traditions the colours mean

white peace and honesty

red hardiness, bravery and strength

blue truth and loyalty, perseverance & justice

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What are the three colors of the british flag?

Blue white & red or Red white & blue (:

What are the colors of England?

Red and White. The British flag is Red, White and Blue.

What are the colors of the British flag?

red, white and blue

What three colours are on the australian british and american flag?

the australian colours are blue white and red the american is white blue and the british is red white and blue

Why is the Australia flag red blue and white?

It is a supposed to be like the British flag

How many colors are there in the British flag?

Three: red, white, blue.

What colour is the UK flag?

White, Blue & Red. The English flag is red and white. The Welsh flag is red and white. The Scottish flag is blue and white

What are the colors of Hawaii?

in the left hand corner of the Hawaiian is a symbol that is resembles the British flag. the rest of the flag consists of stripes that are: white red blue white red blue white this is a patteren. red

What does it mean to fly the red white and blue?

It means you're American or British. The French flag, of course, is blue, white and red.

What are the colours of the Australian flag?

Blue, red and white.Australia's flag colours are blue, red and white.Red, Blue and white

Why is the british flag colors red blue and white?

The red cross on the British flag is the cross of Saint George of England. He was a martyr, and the red stands for his blood. The white field represents the war he was in.

What do the blue white and red represents on the Australian flag?

That it is the same queen as British

Why is the french flag red white and blue?

because the french flag is red white and blue

What countries flag has the colors red white and blue?

Which of these countries has a red, white and blue flag?

Which color does the us flag have?

Red, White and Blue Red, White and Blue Red, White and Blue

What are the 3 colors on the french flag?

white blue and red white blue and red white blue and red white blue and red white blue and red white blue and red

What color is the Russia flag?

The Russian flag colors are White, Blue and Red.

What are some colors in the Korean flag?

The South Korean flag is black, white, blue and red. The North Korean flag is red, blue and white. The flag of the Korean Empire was white, blue and orangey red.

What was Winston churchill's favorite color?

Blue because Winston Churchill was in the Conservative party

What country has red blue white flag?

America, UK, Australia all have red blue and white in their flag

What are there flag colors of France?

Blue, white, and red. Blue, white, and red.

What colors do the us flag have?

red, white, and bluered,white,and blue.

Which flag has blue white red stripes and red star?

The flag with blue, white, and red stripes and one star is Cuba.

What national flag contains the colors red white and blue?

The US flag, along with the Texas flag. The british flag, I don't think the Austrailian flag has red white and blue it might but I'm not sure, and I'm sure theres more that just that but I don't remember.

What name is the blue white red flag?

There are several blue, white and red flags, the Union Flag (Union Jack) is blue , white and red flag of the UK, as is the Australian flag, the New Zealand flag and the US flag which also known as the Stars and Stripes.