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Because the oil pressure sensor has leaked and the oil has travelled inside the wiring to the ECU.


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yes for sure a 1.0 corsa takes about 1.6 ltr of gear box oil from emty

go on comma oil website it will give you all the information you require

On the right and front of the engine when looking under the bonnet

take the old one off. then put the new one on and top up with oil

I have a vauxhall corsa and I have exactly the same problem. Its awful and have no idea how to get rid of it. I have a vauxhall corsa and I have exactly the same problem. Its awful and have no idea how to get rid of it.

A Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 liter twinport takes 10w 40. There are several different brands that make that specific weighted oil. For higher mileage engines look at synthetic blends as well.

No it isnt. You should check your fan and oil. Running temperature is around 85-90

how do I fill the gearbox oil on a vauxhall vectra

get your 453 type spanner and give it a tap. Then you must heat it up with fireworks. Then it should be on fire. Put the fire out with loads of oil. Then eat it. or hit it with a hammer

I have opel corsa 2004, is buring oil, checked with JOe Duffy they says perfect no complaint but its oil level is reducsing serioulsy

how to strip off an oil cooler from opel corsa bakkie 1.7dti

It's water mixing with the oil which is possibly caused by head gasket failure. I had the same problem so take it into a garage and get them to perform a head gasket check on it

As you don't give a year I have gone for 1998 the quoted capacity including filter is 4.3 Ltrs Mike 2 Is this the same for a 2001 sl cdi

Yes, noisey rattley things but no belt changes to worry about. Make sure you get regular oil changes to prolong the life of the chain, amongst other things.

every 10000 kms on full sinthetic oil every 7500 kms on semi sythetic oil every 5000 kms on mineral oil

i use 10w 40 for my corsa b 1 litre

Right side of the engine. Black pot with a large hexigon nut on the top. Filter is inside the pot. it will come out inside the pot as you remove it. New one just clips in

A synthetic oil is usually good for a Vauxhall combo. You can purchase these oils at local auto stores such as Pep Boys.

on opening the bonnet, if u look into the middle of the engine, you will see like a black cap, kind of circular, sticking out a bit, thats it there, be carefull not to tightin it up too much your you will snap it ;)

Loss of coolant with no apparent leak, white smoke from the exhaust, overheating, oil level overfull, a white substance on the underside of the oil fill cap, & air bubble escaping from the radiator with the engine running cap off.

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