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Answer EBMost likely, there is a governor in your Jeep that probably tops at 75MPH. You should take it off by replacing it with a racing chip, like the ones Jet Performance sells. There are other chips out there so just research. Think of your problem as if it wasnt govern and 200 was your top speed and 55 was 185. The engine can only do so much.

it also sounds like it may not be down shifting when you floor it. You should check your Transmission Fluid and see if its low. That would be one cause. If it is a straight 6 it just isn't desighned for speed. Well, good luck with your speed!

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 15:57:19
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Q: Why is your 98 jeep wrangler losing power when you gun it pass 55mph at 2500 rpm?
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