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Why might the antenna not go down on a 1993 Cadillac DeVille but sound like it is trying to even when the car is turned off?


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2006-02-04 02:32:07
2006-02-04 02:32:07

the Antenna mast is broke where the plastic connects to the crome-or soe where on the plastic drive where the motor winds up the drive.SOME come with just the new MAST & not the whole anrenna assembly.. 1992 & 1993 DeVilles cannot replace just the mast. The entire mast and motor assembly must be replaced. If you can find a used antenna with a bad motor and good mast you can take it apart and place the used mast into the good antenna motor assembly. If you elect to purchase one check on the discount price from a dealer as most salvage yards want as much for a used one as the discount price from a dealer. mine had striped gears i replaced with uinversal one works great now easy to do


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