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Why was the colony of New York started?

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I think it was because of their fur trade that it was started


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Which colony started as a dutch colony of new Netherlands?

New York

How did the colony of New York get started?

The New York colony started when King Charles II decided to send his brother, the Duke of York, to drive out the Dutch from New Netherland. Therefore, New York was then named after the Duke of York.

What was the original purpose of new york?

The original purpose of starting New York colony was to expand. This colony was started by the Dutch as a business endeavor.

Who started the colony of NY?

The first European colony in New York was established by the Netherlands. It was known as New Amsterdam. Notlong after, the British forced the Dutch out and the colony was renamed New York.

What year was the new york colony started?

I think it was 1812

How did the New York colony get started?

The New York colony was originally known as New Netherlands. It was started after a captain for the Dutch East India Company landed in the area. The area was then claimed by the Dutch and settled.

Who was the colony of New York started?

Eligh j. Masterson III

What was the original purpose of starting the new york colony?

the purpose for starting this colony was to expand. Everyone in Europe wanted to expand so New York was a colony The nY Colony was started by the Dutch. It was a business endevour.

Which grove place the first European colony in what is now New York?

There is some strange English in your question, but New York started out as New Amsterdam, a colony and trading post established by the Dutch.

Is new york a middle colony a southern colony or an northern colony?

New York is a middle colony.

What state did New York turn into?

New York is still New York, look at a map if you dont believe me. It started out as a Dutch colony named New Amsterdam though.

How was New York governed?

The New York Colony was governed as a Royal Colony. The Colony of New York existed from 1609 to 1692.

Who were the founders of the New York colony?

the Duke of York founded the colony of New York

Who were the kings of the New York Colony?

New York Colony had no kings.

Which country started the colony of new Amsterdam which later became New York?

that honour goes to the Netherlands

Who was the govener of New York?

The Governor of the colony of New York was the Duke of York. He also found the colony of New York.

Where there any problems between the New Hampshire colony and the New York colony?

No, there was no problem between the Colony of New Hampshire and the colony of New York.

Why was the New York colony started?

The New York colony started when the British took over the Dutch Colony of New Amsterdam. It became a major hub of imports, immigration, and commerce for British colonists coming to the New World. It's harbors were well protected and ships could sail far up the Hudson River.

Who was the founder of New York colony?

The founder of the New York Colony was James, the Duke of York.

When Was The New York Colony Founded?

The New York colony was found in 1664.

Is New York a middle colony?

Yes. New York is a middle colony

What was the Purpose of New York Colony founding?

What was the purpose of the New York colony?

How did the New York Colony start?

it started as the Netherlands in colonial times founded by peter Minuit

What country did the New York colony belong to?

Originally New Amsterdam a Dutch Colony it became the English Colony of New York.

What did New York colony people work on?

The People in the New York Colony are working on making a Bigger Colony.